The truth about living in Germany | An American’s point of view

The truth about living in Germany | An American’s point of view

American reacts to life in Germany.

A U.S. foreigner’s view on living in Germany (German food, culture, lifestyle, language, first impressions, etc.) Living in Germany vs living in the USA.

Comment below things you love about life in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Essen, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Bremen, etc.)!

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  1. Germany is in fact very capitalist…. only the Eastern part was communist and still today this region is poorer and less developed than the West we still see differences…. btw some socialist views are good but communism in its entirety is bad

  2. If you think you don’t like certain people (Communists) – get to know them and you will notice, even if you don’t share their (political) opinion, they can still be great friends.

  3. Germany has its advantages, but the security mindset and regulations would have prevented the invention of fire in the stone age 😉

  4. young Americans don’t know what’s going on in the world everything different surprises them

  5. It baffles me how nobody ever mentions how the German health insurance costs outdo US ones. The whole planet raves about bloodsucking US health insurances, while Germany’s cheapest option is 16,3% off your income, it is Mandatory, must be paid even if jobless and, again, it is the cheapest and lands you with “whatever” medics and treatments that do not give a damn. Higher tier medics do not accept public insurance patients. For an average income family the cost is at least on par with what you folks splurge in the US. I believe my 780USD lost each month a rather tangible reality. Be aware.

  6. Nice! Amazing how similarly edifying experiences are. Same here adventuring the other way around. Germany to Idaho and Minnesota in my case.

  7. To living in Germany is horrible, bc all this racism and I’m black and I see very much racism and I want in my origin America

  8. I loved riding the Train, first class would have a table for Laptop and lit of room. It was beautiful riding in the Winter with all the snow, and Christmas is the best, and the Gluhwine! Half liter Beers and Cheese sold by street vendors. Only thing is some Hotels charged 20 Euros a Day to have WiFi.

  9. For US-Americans, everything is a culture shock because the United States has no culture.

  10. Is there actually an American in the comment section? It feels as if there are just Germans 😀

  11. I am German and i am living in Germany, the Life here is more than Boring and horrible. I would leave this Country as fast as i can nur due to some Health issues im Not able to work. So im stuck here.

  12. Schnitzel and Rotkohl are so good, I love them too. But – I have never eaten those two things together, I think.

  13. Your pronunciation seems to be sooo good! Congratulations! When you said “bedeuted” it sounded Southern. Make the t sound like a t. But sooo good!

  14. Du kommst, scheinbar, aus Provo. Tausende der Missionare lernen Deutsch jedes Jahr. Dein video had mich sehr gefreuht!

  15. Klüse ..Klüse ? -.-ach Klösse meint er ^^ ..ja die braucht man zum braten das ist nat. richtig ^^..

  16. es braucht nur germany/deutschland im titel stehen und man kann sich sicher sein das der gesamte kommentarbereich deutsch ist^^

  17. Normal Germans: Die Kommentarsektion ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
    Me, a refined intellectual, still German: Well that was quite interesting!

  18. Fun facts about Germany: There is no fun here,go back to work! This sums it up for me after 3 years.. :

  19. Bin ich die einzige die auf dieses Video geklickt hat um die deutschen Kommentare zu lesen?

  20. Interesting to learn “christmas eve” and “christmas morning” refer to different days. Monday morning and Monday eve usually refers to the same day.

  21. most important sentences/words: “Bitte sprechen Sie langsamer” (please speak slower), “Was heißt auf deutsch?” (what is XYZ in German / how do you say XYZ in German?) “Ich habe dich/Sie nicht verstanden” (I didn’t understand what you said / I didn’t get the meaning), “Bitte nochmal” (again please), Bitte (please), Danke / [Danke dir/Ihnen] (thanks / [thank you]). Wie (how), Wo (where), Wann (when), Warum (why), Wer (who), Was (what) . and some nouns, like street, train, etc. With that in mind you probably can easily survive in an totally foreign environment. subject + verb (+ object) are enought to communicate so that someone is able to understand what you want. you dont really need grammar or articles to tommunicate. so don’t hesitate to go out an try to speak to Germans. Cheers.

  22. Actually the roads aren’t that broad because some of them are still from the middle ages or times where cars weren’t a thing our public transport is just a way around it.

  23. “Kommentarsektion” ist ja mal das dümmste eingedeutschte Wort, das es gibt. Sag einfach Kommentare oder Kommentarbereich…

  24. Where are those communists hes talking about??? In 38 years, i havent met one here in germany

  25. Die kommentarsektion wurde von uns deutschen genauso schnell ei genommen wie elsas lothringen

  26. Noone:
    Germans, when they see “German” in the title: Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Kommentarbereich!

  27. I could be friends with a Communists. Both Capitalism and Communism comes down to a healthy respect for people in general.Top to bottom and vis a versa.

  28. Kind of knew that you had lived in the East when you mentioned Klöße 😉
    Greetings from Norway. Norwegischer Opa mit ein Enkel in Leipzig.

  29. Hippedy Hoppedy, this comment section is now German property

  30. I’m an American living in Germany too. I know this guy from when he lived here. I have some things I can add to how Germany is different from America:

    1. My first culture shock was at the grocery store. They scanned the items so fast and I didn’t know I had to pack them into my own bag. It was a disaster.
    2. Pfand. Awesome.
    3. The grocery carts clip together and you have to use a coin to get a cart out and to get your money back you have to clip the cart back in. Super smart system.
    4. I love the bread here so much.
    5. Amazing healthcare system. And vacation days. Not selbstverständlich in the US.
    6. No air conditioning. Kill me. I go to the grocery store just to get some cool air.
    7. Deutsche Pünktlichkeit.
    8. Some places still don’t accept credit cards.
    9. Most people wear neutral colors and most cars are neutral colors.

  31. “Was bedeutet Haus?” – “House.”

    Great Scott! It’s almost as if German and English had the same roots!

  32. Do americans really have a big problem with making friends with different political ideas? In Germany its completely normal to have conservative, socialist and libertarian friends at the same time

  33. People Choose to live in East Germany
    And wanting free health care and collage makes you Kim Jon Un

  34. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on American culture, but for some reason it completely flabbergasted me that you don’t celebrate Advent. I guess I never really thought much about it and just took this tradition for granted. Interesting.

  35. In Germany there aren’t trains there are just Scheiß zu spät kommende Deutsche Bahn
    And I think that’s beautiful

  36. englisch and german are related languages, grammar is way different, but when it comes to latin related words its almost equal! we are not too far away from each other. You are doing good so far, from what I could hear in your vid! good job!

  37. „German” contained in the video title.
    =>Germans:„Meins?” „Meins! Meins! Meins!”

  38. The first thing i regonized was that in the train a guy runs arround with a can of beer and was drunk like fuck.
    Then i knew right then and there.

    Im home

  39. Everything that i heard in this vid exists in Sweden aswell lol i think the americans are the weird ones

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