The Voice of Roxette (Greece version)

The Voice of Roxette

I grew up listening to the Roxette! Their romantic ballads are part of my life and Marie’s voice has always sounded sweet and powerful …
This posthumous video I dedicate for all her strength and dedication to the music as far as she could get it!

Thank you Marie Fredriksson …

0:00 Roxette- “The Look” (opening)
0:51 Dilana Smith – “It Must Have Been Love” (The Voice of Holland)
2:22 Lillen Stenberg – “It Must Have Been Love” (The Voice of Norway)
4:42 Roxette – “Queen of Rain”
9:40 Helena Paparizou – “It Must Have Been Love” (The Voice of Greece)
14:20 Roxette – “It Must Have Been Love”


  1. A lot of folks denigrate pop and pop rock music. Insofar as I’m concerned, though, ABBA, Genesis, Roxette, The Police, et al. made music for the ages by means of unforgettable tunes, fine poetic lyrics, and marvelous vocals. There’s an energy and sense of wonder to such bands that I absolutely love. Rest in peace, Marie Fredriksson. This exquisite compilation is true tribute. Thank you, pureemotionmusic.

  2. Just started watching–definitely a new angle here. I didn’t get it–until I hear that girl from Greece sing.– Now I get it.

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