THESE ARE THE REQUIREMENTS for Studying in Germany!

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  1. Can you please make a video on the list of Germany Universities which are tuition free

  2. What are the process of getting internship in german journalism organisation… Is there really a good opportunity to work with journalism background in Germany. I have currently completed my graduation from mass communication.. your guidance will really be helpful.

  3. May i know please how much study gap is accepted to do bachelors in hospitality and management?

  4. Is public university is good for pursuing MBA in Germany..plz tell sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Hi, my name is Sanjay Singh Shekhawat. I have graduated from IIT Hyderabad I have 5 years of work experience. I have some questions First one is that can we study free of cost in the public university of Germany for doing MBA or there are some tuition fees. I have checked on the DAAD website that We have to pay the tuition fees even for the public university of Germany. Second, how can I get the scholarship?. Third, can you name some free public university for doing an MBA

  6. It will be really helpful if u could tell about the bachelors degree as well.
    Thank u.

  7. What I’m asking to you as you said in previous video that do not get consultant advice but without it how we gonna understand the procedure of admission Mr Bharat sir

  8. sir ,does nepali student can apply for job in germany
    after completing mechanical engineering from nepali univeristy

  9. Can i use higher education entrance qualification -vpd( which i got from uniassist )as pdf in pther university which have direct admission process?

  10. hi, I am Joevaine Bautista from Philippines. I am currently studying in college and your country is one of the topics that was assign to me to present. especially in terms of the educational system. I have already watch your videos. I hope you could be able to notice this message. I will be a great help if ever you will answers my questions. I just wanna know different things about the following questions:
    1. since the Germany is a federal country, so that means that the educational system in each state are different or not?
    2. are there specific celebration for their national language?
    3. do they celebrate it on school and if yes what kind of celebration is this and what is it intended to?
    4. are Germany people give importance to foreign language?
    5. Are they giving more importance to their own language?

    thank you so much,sir if ever you could notice it. it would be a great help.
    hope for your good consideration

  11. Halo…sir,this is shreya ,bsc agriculture final yr ..can I get a public university wid cgpa 8.72 for masters?

  12. Bharat bhai Please help— Btech Mechanical 2014- jobless for 6 years due to UPSC preparations. How and what course should I do abroad to get a job abroad?

  13. Bro I went to the site and the course was unavailable for enrollment can you please tell me why ? I live in the middle east does that have anything to do with it concerning location ? Or is it full ? I really need this course and I’m willing to pay for it so everything would be clear for me .

  14. Hey , I’m a highschool graduate , and I want to do my bachelor and masters in germany , are the requirements different to me ? Do you have a specific video for that ?

  15. Hello Bharat, I am in big trouble. I’m 4th year Mechanical Engineering student. I’m currently in final semester and as of now I don’t have any internships or research papers or anything extracurricular. My CGPA is 9 , Have 2 certification on CAD softwares, 1 Coursera course on Machine Design, Have completed Summer School in Germany, 4 mini projects of subjects, TOEFL score 101. With this profile do you think I will be able to bag some universities as most of the profiles I saw online everyone has internships and work experience.

  16. Bhaiya , what if i study in English taught course for master and parallely clear my c1 or c2 in German language , then job opportunity for me and those who studied in German course will be same ?

  17. 36 years old; B.Tech (mechanical engineer) in 2006; Working in same profession from 2008 to till date. What are chances for germany education without IETLS?

  18. Sir i got 72.6 % in btech ,89.2 in class 10 but in class 12 my percentage was 67.8 I completed my btech in in 2017 worked in it for 1.5 years then planned for masters.I also given gate exam this year with expected 30 to 35 marks. Is there any chance for pulic universities as i have less percentage in class 12.Write now i am preparing for ielta

  19. What is requirements for in Electronics in Jermany .how can I get admission.please reply 🙏

  20. Some universities ask me for a VPD document that I must request by UNIASSIST, which usually takes a month, I happen to have some doubts :::::

    1- How to apply directly to obtain this VPD? Is it automatic when selecting the university on UNIASSIST?

    2- I already looked at the documents that I need to send to this VPD, but should I send them along with all the other documents necessary for the university application? (Ex: toefl, CV, motivation letter, …)

    I ask, therefore, that part was very confused for me. I did not understand if this VPD is part of the application process already or is a process that I must do separately.

    Can someone help me?

  21. In 2019 I have done my so which master course suitable for me.. plz suggest me bro

  22. What if a student have completed German to C1 level but have completed his graduation by an open college will he get admission in public university.

  23. Hi sir, is there any way I can get in Germany for Ms without considerable amount of money.
    Kinda part time job or something. Please reply…

  24. I think the bigger question is …when they say bachelors degree do they mean people with 4 years bachelors degree? because there is also a 3 years degree in india callled as “Bachelors in * enter some subject here* “

  25. Can I apply for lateral entry in bachelor’s degree in Germany by diploma result please give the reply

  26. Hello Sir! What about teaching job in Germany? Is it important to know the German language?

  27. Sir, I want to do masters in environment science… is there any course like this?? And what are the qualifications for this course?? If there any diploma course available… also tell me please

  28. Please clarify whether IELTS score should be overall 6.5 or no less than 6.5 in any band/module.

  29. Bharat Bhai, I am in my bachelor’s in the 8th sem and would be applying for Chemnitz (winter sem ) which starts admission around May but till that time I won’t have my degree certificate. However, at the moment, I have my 7 sem certificates. So what are the extra documents that I need to provide. Currently I have ielts, LOR, SOP and by March would be getting my German proficiency.

    Your help is really needed sir

  30. I am planning for studend kollege for my daughter how much GPA is required for medicine

  31. Hii Greetings Everyone
    I Have A Doubt Regarding Master’s In Germany
    I Have Completed My Bachelor’s In Mechanical Engineering
    Can I Change To Finance Specialization In My Master’s Inspite Of Being An Bachelor’s In Mechanical Engineering
    If Possible Can You Please Tell Me The Entry Requirements
    Thank You In Advance

  32. Bharat Bhai I did llb and I want to do llm from Germany in doetch what language course will be compulsory for me. And what you suggest which course I have to do ???

  33. You said germany language proficiency not needed .But two universities rejected my application🥺TUB AND COTTBUS HELP ME PLS WHAT TO DO NEXT AND MY COURSE NOT REQUIRES ANY LANGUAGE REUIREMENT

  34. Hey Bharat! Thank you so much for this.. your videos are really informative.. i wonder if I’ve watched any other youtube channel as much as yours.
    I wanted to ask you if Germany has a good scope in psychology? And what according to you is better for masters, considering all present and future factors? Germany or US?

  35. Bhayia, after passout recommendation letter…etc from where i get for master admission..PLZ reply

  36. hello sir i need your help
    sir arden university is good or bad for master degree

  37. hello sir
    my gpa is 3.0 so any information of college in computer science . i have completed bca and also 5 year work experience in it company plz suggest me colleges

  38. Hi Bharat, I completed my Bachelors in 2014, and gave my IELTS last year (6.5), and also have my MBA degree, and have no experience, can i apply for M.S in Germany?

  39. Hello sir, I wanted to know if German Universities (private and public) give admits with only the transcripts of the completed semesters in Bachelors, since i heard that a degree certificate is mandatory for the admits from few who applied recently. Is it compulsory to have the B.E degree certificate before applying to universities?

  40. Hello Mr bharat iam planning to go ther this page is very much helpful i fell this channel is the final destination of my search tankyou soo much

  41. Hi there
    Thank you so much for uploading this video.
    I have question if you can help me with that please. I have done my bachelors from UK. Do I still need to provide my English language certificate for the admission in Masters ?

  42. Hey!
    Can I apply for master’s in literature after doing from DU. I want to change stream line. Should I attempt GRE in English literature for admission?

  43. brother i want to learn engineering in germany in english. I am really confused that i should have to do studiankolleg?

  44. Bharat i wanted to ask u about the credit system in German universities…………are the credits earned in the Indian universities same as there in 1 course in German university ?……is the conversion ratio 1:1?

  45. Sir, I am a BE graduate and my score is 59.07%. Can I get admission for the Masters program in Germany?

  46. I have done in production engineering with 77%and in mechanical engineering with 82% ielts overall 6 and one module5 can I get admission in public university? please reply

  47. Bhaiya Can u please tell me what to focus on currently,
    I want to be a software engineer.
    I love coding i also know java and other language also.
    Currently i m in 11th. And i don’t know on which i should need to focus to get admission in any of Germany best college for cs.

    Any little guide will be great for me.
    And i belong from a middle class of family if you can give a estimate of money needed to study that will be best also.

  48. Hi Bharat! Can you tell me one thing.
    Can I get admission in Data Science and related course in Masters in Germany if I have done my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering here in India?
    I mean is Masters stream specific in the sense that it is related with the domain of bachelor’s!

  49. Hie ,
    If you have less than 60% in Bachelors but have better score in IELTS and GRE does that help to get accepted in universities??

  50. Hello can you please tell when one should start applying to colleges and take up gre , Toefl exams for Fall 2021 ?

  51. Can you speak about MBA opportunities in Germany after pursuing LLM in India? And the career options after that?

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