THINGS I DON’T MISS ABOUT FRANCE (Reflections on Life in France vs. Life in New Zealand)

The honest truth about things I don’t miss about living in France! Join me as I reflect about life in France vs. life in New Zealand and if I miss Paris as a city. Hopefully this gives you some insights as to what life in Paris France is really like!

If you are living in Paris, moving to Paris, or just plain interested in life in Paris, this will probably give you some key insights! In a way, I’m simultaneously discussing living in New Zealand pros and cons, as well as the pros and cons of living in Paris. There are some things I would kill to have back again, enjoying life in Paris as an expat with all those PASTRIES, but there’s also some of that Paris negativity that I’m happy to no longer deal with!

If you have any questions about what is life really like in France, life in new Zealand, French lifestyle and culture or anything else, please don’t hesitate to let me know down below!

If you are interested in this topic, check out this video:


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  1. Hey friends! The things I DO NOT miss start around 8mins30 if you want to skip to that – although I don’t recommend it – start with the positive vibes! Did any of these surprise you?!

  2. I j discovered your channel a few days ago and have been knee deep ever since. Something fun I just realized was that when you were in France you sounded like you had a more “american” english accent. Now that you are back home in NZ I feel like your NZ accent has become more prominent.
    However, as an american I have really loved your videos and collabs.

  3. You can’t really compare NZ weather to continental France. You can compare it to Britain. Both countries being Maritime Nations. The surrounding oceans dictate our weather. Island Nations are always unpredictable weather wise. But the seasonal differences in the North and South Island are extreme. And Wellington has its own micro climate being at the extreme bottom of the North Island the Cook Strait is the bottle neck between both islands that funnel the westerlies. Also the Southern Alps in the South Island, keep the East Coast dryer than the west coast which is wetter. The South Island has all four seasons the Majority of the North Island (except Central, and the volcanic plateau) are rather temperamental. And the climate changes from sub tropical in the Far North to Auckland, more temperamental in the further south you go. But NZ is Country with various micro climate’s and also we have a bit of everything (scenic wise) that France couldn’t possibly compete with, I spent two years there in these two small islands. Haere Mai ano ki Aotearoa, (Welcome back to New Zealand) 😉

  4. I hear you on the French bread. I’ve bought many things here in the US that call themselves “baguette” that were not even close to being a baguette. The closest I came to was a bakery that was owned by an actual French woman, but then she moved to a different city and took her bakery with her. I miss baguettes.

  5. As an American who moved to Strasbourg France last year. I was shocked how quite it is. I agree with what you say about Paris but other french cities are different.

  6. Oh gosh , it’s so true! I miss exactly the same things here in NZ even though I’m from Russia and I know exactly what your husband is talking about 😄 that’s why I try to go back home and Europe at least once a year otherwise it’s very hard

  7. Lived and worked in NZ and now live and work in France… the drawback with the French is that they just don’t have any backbone whatsoever. The second things appear difficult, they give up and do their best to escape doing the job. The Kiwis plough into every situation and try their best to make it work. 🙂

  8. Hello there. I randomly crossed your video. (I’m Belgian living in France). I might have a solution to your bread problem. To have that same crusty crust and white light heart (if that means something – sorry my English isn’t that good outside of work issues). I cook my own bread in the oven in a melted iron (?) cocotte. Recipe: 500g bread flour (type 55), 1 bag (11g) of yeast (not chemical but dried – very important). 1 tea spoon salt. 330ml mild temperatured water. You mengel everything except water, you had the water and you mix (I do it only with hand, you don’t have to knead, just incorporate all the water in the flour and have a little ball). You let it rest for approx 12h. Then you out it in the cocotte, head on, in the oven preheated at 250°C for 40′. Then 30′ without cover (same temp) and I promise your bread will be delicious (you can contact me via Instagram Lillyseyes_ if you wanna pictures or have questions!
    Also as I would have very much loved that people tell me when I say something they don’t get, I do it for you. (Not to be mean at all!). It took me the whole video to understand (French is my motherlanguague) you were talking about la FNAC. I heart fe-nec and didn’t get it. You would pronounce it as snap in English fut with f and c in kind of one syllable. Anyhow it’s nothing important but it’s said. Have a nice day

  9. Basicly what you miss about France is Paris xD that why we love our country side and always recomend to judge us after visiting it and his people 😉

  10. about beach that cause tourist all go in same (main ) town cause they don’t take 5 min to do some research but if you ask locals for the best spot then yu’ll get empty or less frequented beach and really amazing average/little town, like in morbihan there is so much different beach but tourist always go on the most famous (not necessary the best but mostly near main town) while all the creeks are pretty calm

  11. I appreciate alot your non only “balanced” videos… What i appreciate the most is that you bring arguments, explanations, reasons, welle, I mean, you’re truly “cartesian” … you could definitively be “French” … Cause, I mean, i have travelled all around the world (almost all of Europe, from Portugal to Poland, From UK to Italy), I have lived in Germany (4+ years, 1997-2001), 6 months in Indian Ocean (french isle there, mayotte), I have worked with Americans, British, Belgians, South Africans, Germans, and of course French… and I have never, I mean it, I have never seen an anglo-saxon adopting the french way (cartesianism, awful word, isn’t it ? ) …. (BTW, and it has nothing to do with my post : I advice you to visit Prag a day, if you hadn’t done it yet 🙂 ) … Then THANKS ALOT for your videos.

  12. True. Bureaucracy and taxes are key as it keeps everyone immobile and probably accounts for the general pessimism. Young people and ideas are not fostered and so lead to stagnation and resentment.

  13. Having lived two years in France, Bretagne specifically, I was curious to compare notes. Unfortunately your list is more what you don’t miss about Paris, and not really France. Especially as Brest is right on the ocean, very close to nature and beautiful countryside, and a pretty quiet city. Enjoyed the first part much more where we had a lot more common ground.

  14. I wouldn’t swap NZ for any country (pollution free), and I’d choose to have less tourist destinations over being landlocked, and we’re a meatpie and fish and chips kinda people, and if you know kiwis its all about comfort, not how u look , we are comfortable on who we are, just sayn……

  15. The French appear to have the same attitude to Paris /Parisians, the rest of the New Zealand has to Auckland /Aucklanders

  16. OMG you should have lived in the country side in France! Capital cities are always terrible 😋
    I would add:
    Loves – cheese, appreciating food, historical monuments, skiing and beaches not far, bank holidays on Thursday so you can “faire le pont” and get 4 days off for 1 day of holiday.
    Hates – people wanting to be posh, too proud of their food yet too critical of foreign foods, politics, and the Biggie, STRIKES!!!

  17. New Yorkers are similar. I think it is safer to be negative than to risk letting people know what one likes. When one associates “being cool and intelligent” with being critical, you get this kind of culture. I found it so boring after I learned to stop ding it myself! Risk letting people what you love, what your vision for the world is and let them get inspired or not. It is really cowardly and an easy out to put others down. French culture (or Parisian culture especially) is hooked into that lame vibe. Way out of date

  18. I you happend to be Christchurch someday, you should definitely check Copenhagen bakery in Bishopdale ! They make wonderfull bread there ! When I lived in NZ, I would go there whenever I missed french bread 😉

  19. Sorry, but from wish social level are you ? We don’t live in the same “France” ! – In the real life, in the majority of cases all will go never to “Patisserie”, or “Restaurant”, or in holidays, or whatever … ! Why don’t you speak about ?

  20. New Zealand’s weather sounds like British weather besides that the seasons are the other way around and the seasons vaguely influence the weather

  21. It’s a shame that foreigners just visit Paris. They have the smell, the cold attitude in metro, in the shops, and pollution, noise, buildings, and so on.
    Almost everywhere else is completly the opposite in France ! Come to Brittany next time ! You will find everything you miss from France without everything you don’t 🙂

  22. I only hear amazing things about NZ. But I’m a backpacker ⛰️🥾

    And yeah…. 8 weeks paid vacation… We can only dream about that in America. Your lucky if you get the hand full of recognized holidays off 😒

  23. Hi Rosie, a tip for bread and patisseries: Resotech order frozen pastries for cafes in NZ and you can get proper French butter pastries from them too (by the bag of 60!) They are in Auckland and I’m not sure if they deliver to Wellington but great pastries 🙂

  24. They are some of the things you said that is not related to France. Like for example being in a quiet place, by the sea, all the people. You would find the same in France. Paris is not representing France. The life in Paris is so different than many other cities and many French people do not want to live in Paris for all the things you talk about (noise, density, smells, pollution…). Of course as a young entrepreneur, taxes are less in New Zealand but how is it with health system, the social system. What is the world that we want and that we tell to oneself and others. Isn’t it that we want to live in a fair world where we all have a chance of a decent life. If we care for life, human rights, for a decent life not just for me but for anybody, then we need to share the wealth.

  25. Ohlala les galères administratives c’est ma hantise… C’est la raison pour laquelle ma carte d’identité n’est toujours pas à jour..

    La Nouvelle-Zélande a de magnifiques paysages, vous êtes bien chanceuse d’y être retournée !!

  26. Ha ha, the thing of complaining, as a French I can agree. Too many people complain for everything. I think we like to debate about everything. So we like to look for the down side of everything (plus I suspect we like to feel smart by finding a complaint to make). But sometimes, damn we should just work on our own life and let it go on the rest

  27. As someone in the US, I KNOW that we have WAY SHITTIER leave policies (since we literally have no guaranteed paid leave, not even for maternity leave) than the rest of the world, but I have a really good government job, and started with 12 days vacation leave (after five years, I’m up to a full three weeks) and am blown away by complaining about “only” four weeks paid leave. That is nearly unheard of in the US. Because we suck.

  28. Why do the French eat snails? – They don’t like fast food.
    Q: Why do we need France on our side against Sadaam and Osama?
    A: So the French can show them how to surrender.
    Q: What’s the shortest book ever written?
    A: French War Heroes.
    Q: What is the most useful thing in the French Army?
    A: A rearview mirror, so they can see the war.
    Q: Why does Nike like the French Army?
    A: Because, in war time, they are the biggest buyers of running shoes.
    Q: How many Frenchman does it take to guard Paris?
    A: Nobody knows, its never been tried before
    Q: What do you call 100,000 Frenchmen with their hands up?
    A: The Army.
    Q: Why don’t they have fireworks at Euro Disney?
    A: Because every time they shoot them off, the French try to surrender.
    Q: Why are the French so afraid of war?
    A: You would be too if you never won one in your history.

  29. NZ Jobs dont really look after there workers anymore you will get replaced within a switch an thats another reason why we have so many homless people now days every one here is getting board now days going crazy in Auckland back in the days was really layed back but now everyone is in a rush

  30. Pee and homelesses are coming from east europe ( we have no borders, thanks EU ! ) cos they can survive on our warm metro by winter than in their towns without underground.

  31. J’ai rien compris … pourriez vous parler Français car je ne connais pas la langue du Dollars

  32. The way you say Fnac. Sounds more like Fenac. Cute accent
    It is definitely not ok to pee on the side of buildings or in the gutters in France ! Those who do it are “newcomers” – if you see what I mean…

  33. You should have named the video “What I don’t miss about Paris”
    Even though I’m currently living I’m Paris, I’m actually from the south of France and a lot of the stuffs you complain about are very Paris specific lol
    If you love the beach and nature, well Paris is not a good choice xD

  34. Interesting, our first time in Paris City we experienced what things you do not miss like the heat 🌞 the Traffic 🚑🚔🎺 the Crowds of Tourists & the urine smells 😷 and the noise 🚨✈️🎠🏗️?!!

  35. You should re title this THINGS I DON’T MISS ABOUT PARIS , because La France profonde is a totally different place, without nearly everything that you dislike. 😉

  36. I live here and I am surprised at how frugal people can be. I don’t want to say ‘cheap’ but I guess it’s a byproduct of post-war rationing. At least nothing goes to waste.

  37. Gone to Paris twice and noticed the tired looks and attitudes….but with some french skills everything was easier…the history and architecture there are amazing but would not live in Paris…

  38. The legal minimum vacation in Canada (Ontario anyways) is 2 weeks. You’re lucky if you get 3 to 4 weeks 😄 I really admire the French / European attitude to enjoying life, whereas North America is work, work, work!

  39. The weather in New Zealand is exactly like in the UK 😂 it’s always unpredictable

  40. I lived in Paris for 10 years, and I agree with everything that you say. I see the problem with all things administrative in France (which you mention) as part of a larger problem: life can be very complicated in France when you have a problem to solve. For example, while I was there, I moved several times (and helped friends move several times). Every time, there was some complication. Before I left France for good, I tried donating things to charity. Of course, it was next to impossible to get hold of any charities (by any means). So I hired a truck (at considerable cost) to take a bunch of things to one, and when I arrived, they told me that they weren’t taking deliveries at that particular location anymore, even though the website said that they were… And that same charity had been complaining that people weren’t making enough donations anymore. Tu m’étonnes ! Nothing that would surprise anyone in France, sadly.

  41. Consistant weather! I moved to nz from paris a few years ago and definitely can relate to this! I remember thinking the same: “at least there s sun in the winter in nz” but same, once spring comes around it s kind of great to know it only gets better from there. The last week in Wellington has been quite challenging in that aspect haha

  42. I only moved from the mid-Atlantic region of the East Coast to the south here in America and I feel a lot of this so strongly. I can’t find a good Italian market whereas Italian culture was so easy to take for granted in Philadelphia, I knew what the seasons were like and here I need a complete change of clothes from morning to afternoon…. feeling this very much.

  43. My daughter and I visited France last April. We stayed at Airbnb house. We had two boulangerie (bakeries) nearby. You are right about that. You can
    replicate French bread or Pastries. They are Unique, Delicious !

  44. Why are the work hours so long in Paris? Do they break in the middle of the day and go home for lunch?

  45. Legal minimum for leave is “just” four weeks? SMH. It took me 15 yrs. to work up to that and I had a very good job. But the great thing is that people are well dressed as they step over poop in the streets and dodge knife wielding immigrants.

  46. The reason the bread is not the same is because of how yeast works. A huge factor in how bread will turn out has to do with where (geographically) the bread was actually made. You can replicate the exact same ingredients and procedure but because the air, water and fungi/ bacteria in is different is all parts of the world it’s impossible to make beard taste the same in two very different parts of the world.

  47. Make a video about how the common day to day costs differ from France and New Zealand. Like what does electricity, rent, water, and trash cost. I think it would be helpful.

  48. Je ne m’attendais pas à ce que ” La Fnac” soit si marquant en France ^^

    Oh et si tu trouves les baguettes française délicieuse il fait que tu goute au pain traditionnel fait à l’ancienne dans un four en pierre

  49. I can’t even imagine four weeks paid leave being legally mandated. That’s amazing! And omg eight weeks sounds like a utopia. That’s unheard of in the US or even in Argentina.

  50. I just married my French husband who lives in the south. I thought I was going to emigrate there, but I thought I would give him the option of moving here to Vancouver Canada instead. His response was that we should do Pro and Con lists for each country and put them on the wall. Over several weeks before our wedding and for a month after, we added things to each side on each list, and even our wedding guests added things. When it came time to make a firm decision, we tallied everything up, and we got Canada pro-con of 13-4 and France 6-7 pro-con. That, apparently, is the French way, and now he’s coming here! Do I have regrets ? Of course, but I couldn’t argue about the process or the result. We might move there eventually, but for now, thanks, France, for training your boys so well! 😀 (His observations about Canada: so many trees, no dents in cars, lots of dogs and no dog poop on the streets, and people say hello and wave, even to strangers in the quartier).

  51. Actually: Things she doesn’t miss in the megalopole Paris versus Wellington “village” 😉

  52. I feel like in Europe there is a lot of complaining about everything. It is part of our collective culture. Sometimes, I hear people from other cultures especially Aus and NZ who are into positive thinking and I find myself thining omg this is so fake and lame.. Lol, I know realize that there are cultural differences that run deep. Also I found the french to be very rude. I was amazed at how rude they can get especially to tourists. That is definately a french thing because I have not experienced it in other european countries. Except maybe Belgium haha.

  53. Vous n’avez pas cité la Nouvelle Calédonie dans les destinations proches de la Nouvelle Zélande. C’est un territoire Français dans le Pacifique.

  54. Vous dites que les patisseries que vous avez gouté ne sont pas aussi bonnes qu’en France, je pense que c’est du à la qualité des ingrédients utilisés. Je voudrais savoir si ces artisans importent beaucoup d’ingrédients ou non.

  55. whoo je ne m’étais pas encore rendu compte sur tes dernières vidéos mais ton accent est bel et bien de retour depuis que tu es revenu en Nouvelle Zélande, les e qui deviennent des i etc… !!!!

  56. 4 weeks leave is not bad compared to other countries still. Especially when you first start at a job.

  57. I couldn’t live without my luv’d one’s near me! I just don’t get it, 12 or 18 months before you see each other? Obviously it’s up to the individual’s. I have traveled lot’s, had properties in France, USA, Live in my Europe but also have property in Cyprus……….All beautiful &. annoying in their own way. But wherever we go there’s no place like home 🏠 & family!

  58. I found the locals in Paris to be quite snobbish, but the immigrants were always super helpful and willing to go that little bit further with tourist info and places to eat. Over in AY, seriously nice people, couldn’t speak a word of English, but they made as much effort as we did to try and express what we wanted, the universal sign for beer is an easy one.

  59. You don’t look as put together, also I agree with your husband. People on the streets in Paris look so polished, even when they are not trying.

  60. So wearing sweatshirts and trainers are unacceptable but Visable Rats and Human urination is…..I say good riddance

  61. How long are you going to keep whining about France – NZ is your hometown you grew up in there stop nagging or get back to your beloved France ANNOYING

  62. The so called aesthetic of Paris you talk about is only partly true. You are talking about the white, middle-class, central arrondissements.

  63. Vous dites que les BD vous manquent, vous devriez aller à l’Alliance Française, vous y trouverez peut être votre bonheur.

  64. I’m an Australian left wing Political animal, and it’s so frustrating knowing that political conservatism has taken over Australian culture ( no better than the US ), yet in NZ you have the better PM, Jacinta Arden, and in France you have the most mobilised political population of any country ( the French understand intuitively what it requires to maintain a democracy ). Im deeply jealous of your two national homes….Cheers from Sydney.

  65. This video should be renamed THINGS I DON’T MISS ABOUT PARIS*

    Paris is like the shittiest place to live in France, Paris n’est pas la France

  66. 8 weeks standard holidays a year, plus strike time, plus good state retirement pensions, fearsome unions, plus long lunches, plus ignoring EU directives they don’t like, just how is the French state not completely bankrupt?

  67. The beaches in “les landes” are less busy. Very large and run for kilometers in natural unconstructed areas.

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