Things that Surprised Me When I Returned to Malaysia from Japan

Thank you for all the positive and helpful Malaysian out there. You guys are what made Malaysia an amazing country.

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  1. I thought you are chinese at the first! 😂 But as i looked your feature is not really like a malaysia chinese. When i read the comments, ohh i got to know tht u’re japanese. Nice to know you NicoBon🤗

  2. 之前有听过有些州没有提供纸袋了,柔佛的话还是有提供纸袋,跟以前一样拜一到拜五还有礼拜有提供纸袋,拜六的话就要20仙

  3. That’s because in Malaysia many people still trown waste every where, at beach, into the river, so Malaysia government made a new law for plastic uses to keep the nature clean…

  4. “malaysians are so nice” i even hate other fellow malays because of their assholeness.. Chinese and indians also.. to make it simple i hate people..

  5. In Malaysia, everything that can be recycle always had a price, if you not shame collecting plastics bottle alongside road, you’ll find some money

  6. Well, this is one problem we have.. Some chinese lives in a chinese bubble, and they interact only among themselves… During school, they went to SJKC, when working, they work for chinese company (that only employs ‘mandarin speakers’) , and they barely speak the national language..

    Due to these, interaction with other races is at minimum.. I did met quite a few chinese whom is clueless about other culture, be it the Malay, Indian, Sikh, etc.. As much as I don’t want to say it, but the ‘key’ here is integration.. You guys should really get out of your bubble, and start having friends from different communities and background..

  7. Japan supermarket do not provide free plastic bags anymore. In Malaysia only certain days of the week do not provide plastic bags. 2019 I was in both countries.

  8. Why do you feel embarrassed?

    If someone were to laugh at you because you don’t speak good BM, are you the problem, or is he/she the problem?

    In fact, it’s not just BM, most Malaysians these days can’t even speak proper English – do they all need to feel embarrassed?

    So don’t be stupid, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about

  9. this is so true!! We are still living in Japan but face the same situation every time we return to Malaysia during holiday!

  10. Foreigners are very impressed with malaysians because we are a “melting pot” society and we are able to live peacefully among the three major races, secondly we have a wide variety of foods that consist of malay, chinese and indian food and thirdly when we speak among the different races we can naturally “code-switch” into english and the three other major languages, Eg. “Macha, you want me to tapau the nasi goreng for you, ahh?
    You can also make yourself understood by speaking in Manglish [Malaysian English] which only true blue malaysians can understand, like,
    “I tell you ahh, this fler found out already, you know?. This time I finish lah. Guarantee kena one!”

  11. How come you dare to say you are Malaysian but cant speak Malay language. But can speak English very well?? Then you are not Malaysian for me then. There are no excuses. Please go to BM class.

  12. I visited China last year… I personally found out that Chinese in China also believed in parts of religion .. I say this because they believed there is life after this life…. They do believed when they die that is not the end of life … they believe they will become Satan & Ghost than transform to various stages of life..until become god.. Imagine when they die they become ghost …who eat smoke & smell… they have to go through hunger …that why they have hungry ghost festival…

  13. I realized when u said about zero plastic. When u mention about selangor app, means u live in Selangor. Yes zero plastic is happened in selangor but not actually in other negeri. Im from N9 and we still do plastic lol except for weekend we have to pay that 20 cent

  14. nico, you should consider coming to borneo too. Sabah and Sarawak. i promise you, you will learn so much.

  15. Saya cdgkan kamu asah semula penguasaan bahasa melayu dgn menonton animasi Malaysia. Upin ipin, BoBoiBoy dan ejen ali. Bahasa yg digunakan x baku sngt dan x pasar sngt. Sangat disyorkan untuk mereka yg betul2 rasa nak asah semula bahasa melayu 👍🏻

  16. I hope one day, i be able to talk in Chinese and Indian language tooo, what’s the easiest way to start learning it? Suggest please 💜

  17. Your opinion feels very insecure, like you are trying to please everyone or not offend anyone. 最も自分らしさを見せて、そうできれば、多分面白くなる、エボンさんの動画が。

  18. even if you speak bad Malay , just speak in English , English is our secondary language . even me a full blown malay from birth don’t speak Malay properly

  19. 頑張って、Nicoさん! 
    But i do understand the struggle to flip between languages.
    Me, as a native Malay at my nihongo class, trying to give meaning of 便利 to my classmate;
    ‘Uh.. yang tu maksudnya.. umm… meng-convenient-kan ? Eheh’

    Selamat Maju Jaya !! Nico-san Boleh!

  20. korean that live in malaysia can speak fluent malay..but malaysian chinese cant even speak malay..shame on you..but you can speak japanese..and malay languange is so easy..if you cant speak malay they you are not malaysians

  21. Not giving out straws or plastic bags is a cost saving exercise to many business owners. You can see their hypocrisy in their practices.

  22. I think Malaysian Chinese need try learn to pronounce malaysia language a bit better. Sometimes I don’t understand how the can keep on using the wrong intonation while they have the same conversation each time. Like those small business man women. Because why can people try to speak like an American or British etc but when they speak malaysia language, they sound like a typical Chinese malaysia dialect.

  23. Regarding the straw and plastic bags, it’s not that they support the caused or activist or no waste etc, it’s because they can cut down the COST. if not, they still can provide the Paper straw or paper bag. Businesses in Malaysia care nothing about the environment unless its good for they image, they support because it benefits them, and they can gain more profit from it.

  24. Dont worry, bangla, pakistan or mynmar come here less than 6mnths can oledi converse in Malay. Tala susah maa

  25. Me who take Malay language course: who using correct grammar all the time? Even me using rojak language.

  26. We all also speak “rojak”. No problem, at lease we still communicate . You can speak little bit chinese, malay, indian or japan, its ok. Sometime korean also….😏

  27. many student are often confused by the difference between the sales concept and the marketing concept.when asked ‘what is marketing ‘ ,they often end up describing
    the meaning ‘of selling of a product’.

  28. saya dari malaysia🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾❤️❤️❤️🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

  29. I think you quite out of date. , plastic bag reduction was long time implemented. BTW, Japan is having issue like die alone, young generation lost motivation to work and married. Population in Japan is slowly decrease every year.

  30. Vending machines were not invented by Japan. Japan invented raw fish and rotten beans called natto LOL. Vending Machines were invented in the UK and the drink vending machine was invented by an American. Kindly list what Japan has invented. Uncooked food LOL. Train? None. Electricity?. Nope. Cars? Nope. Central Heating? Nope. But love those heated toilet seats. LOL. Telephone? Nope Internet? Nope. Social Media? Modern Clothes? Bitcoin? Hmmm Maybe Very cool if did. I love Japan and Japanese People, but please credit where credit is due. BTW the Japanese copied everything Just like the Chinese are doing now too. Each country goes through this evolution phase. I just wish all the younger generation can create better things for humanity :).

  31. malaysian people literally couldn’t care less about grammar …. as long as your message is received and understood then its okay….

  32. You sounds like all the Malaysian who live in Japan too long.. Stucked in the Circle and going back Malaysia and realize how つめだい are you and realize all the Malaysian don’t have 本音前&立って前 character. They just being themselves and how pure are Malaysian after that. lol

    Welcome back.. I lived in Awaji Island and Tokyo too.
    Now back in Malaysia.

  33. Malaysians generally are helpful and generous people with good natures , except some religious fervent and politicians who are trying hard to screw up Malaysia from modern civilized world and push everyone apart from each other.

  34. Its ok if we living in diversity , as long as we still can live in peace …..thats the special things in malysia….we have 3 type of races and we still live in harmonie

  35. I don’t take any drinks from strangers.. They might drop a rape drug inside and gangbang me.. You wanna be careful in this new Malaysia thing as even ministers here are doing unprotected random same sex.

  36. What business have you started in Malaysia. Not another bubble tea shop. I am in NZ and about to retire but maybe what to start a small business in Malaysia.

  37. Ada je pelajar cina yg dpt A dalam bm..tak semua cina x pandai bm..even melayu sendiri siap buat video challenge speak malay lol

    Sepupu aku pun x pandai bm tp dia faham la juga kalau berborak dlm bm

    Plus..bila aku jumpa non malay..aku akan ckp bm dulu..sbb nak tgk dia mmg org msia ke x..if dia jawap bm then if dia nk continue in eng pun aku tak la skg ni ramai sgt dpt ic tipu dr pengkhianat negara… cina malaysia dan cina mainland berbeza dr segi adap..malaysian chinese are much better..n i do love them more than mainland

    opss nenek aku dtg dr china hahahahaahaa tp sebelum merdeka la..

  38. you know what,most malaysian do not done really well or even lazy to do a recycle for their rubbish,dump the plastic everywhere and cause the environment scattered with junks ,so this zero plastic used actually kind of ways to tackle the problem,and as you say japan done really well with recycle,so it not a problem if you guys use plastic anyway,because japan alway have a way and get the job done efficiently in short period of time.

  39. Malaysia will be much better without malay and islam. they are backward. They love zakar naik but they hate chinese and indian who have been their own countrymen who lives among them hundreds years ago. the malay love zakir naik who only came to malaysia only few years ago and ask the malays to hate the non-muslim. malaysia is nice but not the malays..they are hypocrite racist. and they really backward people. thats why singapore who run by the non muslim especially chinese ethnic is better than malaysia. malaysia is not amazing. we always be a third world country because of the malays. they are racist and always jealous with the chinese who far more success than the. Dont worry if you cannot speak malay because that language is useless even in malaysia. it is only used by malays in malaysia. no where else.. while u r in malaysia, better to start learing mandarin. its cheap to learn mandarin in malaysia. and it is world class and known as intelligent language compare to malay language or stupid jawi thing. love your videos anyway.

  40. What you said is really touching. Being born and raised here, The hospitality of Malaysian people is undoubtedly super warming..and you deserved a like which I seldom give to anyone.

  41. Malaysia is way btr then most country. Free medical care, easy access to medicine. Cheap and good quality fuel. Low income tax. Yes whining Malaysia travel to other country just to buy factory outlet underwear.

  42. Only after you have experience staying in another country then you will realize Malaysia is not that bad, sometimes better.

    Also, there is an advantage in speaking Malay especially in overseas if you dont want anyone to understand lol

  43. I’m the opposite XD
    I can read, hear and write english fairly well but in conversation… well…… Its a disaster 😂
    I always use Chinese or malay whenever I talk and rarely use english. Guess I need to use english more often now😅😅
    We just can’t denie that frequent usage of a certain language in real life conversation is truly the only way to improve one’s speaking skill in any languages. 😂

  44. No worry about your bad malay. For me, Malay language is the most easiest spoken language. For daily conversation, malaysian tend to ignore the grammar rules as long ur msg is understandable.

  45. As long as u can speak English, we can help u learn malay because mostly all Malaysian can speak in both languages

  46. The most real Malaysian conversation is “Terima Kasih” replied by “Terima Kasih” instead of “Sama Sama”

  47. Foreigner like wow Malaysia is so cool!!! i want to move there.

    Malaysian people be like : What so fun here?

    But actually I like Malaysia cause of culture but what I hate is politic abd price of the item.

  48. My malay langguage is learn from my Malay friend. I think Malay langguage is easy than English if u really want to learn.

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