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In this video I am taking you to some of the best places in the sleepy town of Battambang, which is also called the art capital of Cambodia. We managed to visit only four places due to the weather conditions but I will list down below all the extras you must see!

Wait for the food and coffee guide, that will be a separate video! 😉

1. Wat Ek Phnom – Ek Phnom temple ruins: no entrance fee (at least we didn’t see any ticket office)

2. Phnom Sompov: You can spend there the whole day as there are different sites within the mountain to visit.
— How to get to Phnom Sompov? Rent a motorbike, or a good bicycle. It is located 13 km from the town. Once you are at the mountain you can either climb/ walk up or pay $1-2 to a motorbike driver to take you to the top.
— What to see? Killing caves – Flower Cave – Bat Cave (bats start flying out every day from around 5.15pm so get yourself comfortable with a beer or a coconut)

3. Phnom Banan – Banan temple on top of Banan Mountain. The view is beautiful from the top!

4. Please make sure you visit an ART GALLERY too! They are absolutely fantastic and the most famous one is ROMCHEIK5 but the city is also full of smaller, independent art galleries. Check for the opening time though!

5. You won’t see this in the video but you MUST SEE A CIRCUS SHOW at PHARE CIRCUS! It is an incredible theatre and performing arts organisation where students with difficult background, history of abuse and hardship can enroll. PHARE CIRCUS is doing an amazing job and many of its performers are famous dancers, theatre performers, painters etc. who had the chance to travel abroad and send the social message in many European countries as well as in the USA and Australia. DO NOT feel sorry for paying $15-25 for a ticket!!

6. BAMBOO TRAIN: Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and it was raining quite a lot in Battambang so we couldn’t ride the Bamboo train, however, it is much fun to do so and it is worth your time, money and effort! 🙂

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  1. Hi Sara! Such a great job you are doing. Prasad showed me your channel and I love it! I really appreciate the way you share your knowledge and your Khmer culture approach is beautiful. Congratulations!! Safe journey and good luck in your new projects!

  2. Hey, thanks for sharing your journey. Pleasantly surprised that you pronounce “Khmer” or Phnom” just like a Khmer person! We are Khmers living in England. Thank you for showing respect while visiting our country. Live long and prosper!

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