Top 10 Must see places in Oahu hawaii-with tips!

#Aloha! This is the video of 10 must-see places in #Oahu #Hawaii. I will use this video and photo to show you.
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1.Diamond Head
Diamond Head is one of the state monument in Hawaii, and also the symbol of Ohau. Although it takes about one hour to head to the top, It is suitable for all because of the flat trails. Before reaching the top, the view was already beautiful. And the view… so great! If you are lucky…The KCC outdoor market is nearby! They sell different goods, for example, Vegetables, tarts, snacks…Nearby also have some tropical plants to see.
2.Dole Plantation
If you are a pineapple lover, don’t miss it! It is a must-see place! Let’s see some highlights of the ride! They show different equipment, plants, and some relaxing were played! At last, they showed the plumeria of the plantation. In the gift shop, They offered a wide range of souvenirs, from food to T-shirts.
3.Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor is also a famous site in Ohau. In here, you can see different museums, USS Arizona Memorial and Pacific
Aviation Museum is 2 examples. Reminder: All bags are not allowed. Need to store them in baggage storage for $4.Inside the sites, the view was quite great, Even have a band to perform! Also, have some old planes and weapons. The souvenir shop sells different goods.
4.Lolani Palace
This palace keeps the original color of it. But sadly we don’t have enough time to visit inside It was built in 1885, quite new compared to others. Nearby also have the State Capitol. Interesting fact: one column represents one main island of Hawaii, One small column represents one surrounding island.
5.Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay is only for snorkeling? Absolutely not! If you don’t like water activities, you can see the beautiful view here! If you want to go diving, you can rent the equipment or buy them in the supermarket. For me, I went to the viewing point to see the view instead of went to the beach. You can see the Pacific Ocean, Surrounding mountains, and of course the beach!
You may think Diamond Head is already enough for seeing Ohau’s view, But it’s not enough! Compare to Diamond Head, the view is wider and fewer people, you can also see the information board here, you can see the Diamond Head here! But here, you can just drive to the top, but not by walking, So make here less tourist
7.Kualoa Regional Park
If you have enough budget, you can join one of the tours of them, If you don’t want to join it, you can see the view of the mountains inside the park- feel natural! The gift shop-I like most was the cute marble turtles!
8.Waikele Premium Outlets
Here, you can buy a wide range of goods! From bags, clothes to food. And the price is very cheap! Give you a tip that you can get a further discount! Register for the VIP membership for free, Then you can get 80 or more coupons for free!
9.Waikiki Beach
I think everyone knows about this world-
famous beach! You can also find lots of stores and sightseeing places here-In Royal Hawaiian Center-lots of things sell here. And some free courses offered daily. When you walk along the beach, you’ll see the ocean, trees, mountains, statues, and some waves! You will know that this is Hawaii!
10.Ala Moana Center
Ala Moana Center is the biggest outdoor center in the world, with 300 or more shops and a big car park, And with a wide range of shops, from clothes, bags to food. Walking here, you may need 1 day! From day… to night


  1. Interesting video. Some misspellings here and there, especially Oahu… anyway, still not a bad video.

  2. Hi. I never visited Hawaii. It`s good for me.
    By the way, Epidemic Sound is great to choose music. Please check it too!!

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