TOP 10 Things to do in Berlin in 2020 | Germany Travel Guide in 4K

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  1. Oh, if you like Charlottenburg Palace, visit Potsdam and there Sanssouci. It’s a beautiful place😊

  2. Hi from New Zealand,
    I am so pleased that Germany is re-unified and is a whole country once again. One day I will be able to visit my great grandfather’s country of origin (my father’s side). My mother’s great grandmother is Norwegian. I am indigenous Maori and have nephews and nieces who are blonde haired blue eyes with light brown skin.

  3. Very useful video with lovely images. I like it so much. Greetings from Gran Canaria!

  4. I really like this video. I wish to visit this country one day. Is Berlin the best city in Germany?

  5. Food food food – the covered market looks awesome!! Could spend the whole day on the weekend! Great video.

  6. As a Berliner, this is the best Berlin’s travel guide so far!😍😍there is also a museum under ‘The Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe’

  7. This is a dream come true. I think I remember asking for this video thank you & good video

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