TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN MAUI, HAWAII IN 2019 – From a Local Resident

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This is how to travel to Maui, Hawaii and the top things to do in Maui Hawaii in 2019. This is advice from a local resident who was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii. We will be discussing the best activities and places to go during your trip here in Maui. Everything from the Haleakala Sunrise to the Road to Hana and more! I definitely recommend traveling to Maui, Hawaii. Enjoy this 2019 Hawaii Travel Top Ten!


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  1. What about Iao Valley? I highly recommend going there 😊 Disclaimer: The water is really cold😂

  2. Have driven the road to Hana several times, last time (about 3 years ago) we did the sunrise then went to Hana and continued around the back of Haleakala a great trip but some of the locals said we were crazy. Great video

  3. Corona viruse is here.this guy is a tourist ad puppet.he dont care about anything but money.people stay away for your safety.very scary this sickness.Mahalo

  4. Cool to hear you’ve lived in Colorado. Living in Boulder right now. I’ll be in Maui with my girlfriend in October. Would be dope to meet up and dominate a hike or something. IG: alphanum_eric1

  5. I was planning to come to Hawaii with my family since coronavirus I don’t feel safe and have to cancel I love Hawaii love the culture ,love the vibes 💕 great video

  6. This is going to help me a bunch, I am going to Maui at the end of March and I didnt know what was there. I used to live on Oahu, but never got the chance to see Maui so these tips are great!

  7. I LOVE your state. Best state in USA easily. Possibly USA not worthy of having the islands as a state. Either way I want to live Aloha forever!

  8. Aloha! We are going to Maui in two weeks. So excited!! We were there years ago and stayed in Kauai. It really is paradise there. I’m looking forward to visiting Hana and seeing the black sand beaches. Love Hawaii!!

  9. We are researching our summer vacation. We spent 10 days on Kauai and didn’t get to see the whole island but we saw enough of it to make it our favorite island. However, we have never been to Maui and after watching your great video, we are SOOOOOO looking forward to going to Maui. The questions I have for you how long should a person stay to take in the best of Maui? 7 days? 10 days? I see you use your drone a lot in your videos, is Maui a drone friendly location? Can’t wait. I liked and subscribed. Thanks for the video. Aloha

  10. Hi! going to be there only for a day and having a hard time trying to plan what to do… torn between road to hana and watching sunset at Haleakala. SOS

  11. Maui Ocean Adventures? Couldn’t find an exact match. Or do you mean Hang Loose Maui Ocean Adventures?

  12. I would recommend trying to goto the big island and see the lava hopfully it burts nah but go swiming wayy past the reef and get attckes by sharks have fun but remember that this is all hawaiian land and they will and can take you and you’re family away in a flash😊

  13. @BKR I’m coming there in March with my girl. Do you recommend any good reggae clubs or lounges we can go to on a Saturday night?

  14. Road to Hana : I highly recommend getting the Shaka Guide – Road to Hana from play store. Details all areas, what to look for, level of ease to get to sites, parking, history and a whole lot more. It outlines a casual trip or an extensive one including hikes. Make sure you TAKE A CHARGER for the device it is on! My battery died before we got to Hana. Also leave before 6am if you truly want to see everything. Loved it so much we are going again this year.

  15. If you go to big beach keep going right to little beach which is the nude beach he said once you’re there keep going right and youll run into a little crater hole and the water there looks like a pool and its nice to snorkel there go before 12 pm cause tide rises

  16. Thank you for this video… By far the most informative I’ve seen. 1st time going here in March with Fam Bam. Cant wait!!!!

  17. Aloha Blake!
    Just another local from Lahaina passing by..🤙🏾

    Solid vid & super informative as well. Keep it up braddah..

  18. How come guys like you just promote the high end stuff..Lahaina, Wailea Makena, Kaanapali…Are you on comission???Kamaole 1,2 and 3 are as good a beach as any of them….Just bullshit like so many Maui videos done by guys like you

  19. Thank you for the travel tips, asking everyone to Leave No Trace, and for the gear suggestions! Also, pleasant personality.

  20. Honeymoon destination! So if you have any romantic-style places to see or restaurants let me knooooowwwwww!

  21. Hey Blake, thanks for all the tips — really appreciate the video! Can do re: bottles and straws #watchedtotheend

  22. We came last fall and loved the Kaanapali beach hotel! Their luau was amazing!! The beach was also incredible with turtles and fish. We did the crater sunset tour, and the road to Hana. We went to front Street as well .. very cool. We plan to come back again this fall for our anniversary, so thanks for sharing. We love Maui!!!

  23. Can I message you a private question about a location to stay at? I would hate to put it out publicly in case you don’t like the place. I don’t want to contribute any negativity to the area.

  24. *Mean, aftah being 86 from H.S. on Oahu, I wuz hea since ’81 and I tink u did more adventurous stuff den me, good fo u brah…keep it up!!*


  25. Be more adventurous and take a boat ride to Molokai! The locals there love tourists and will make you feel right at home!

  26. Another of my favorites, if you like sushi is to visit Sansei Seafood
    Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Ka’anapali, Hula Grill at sunset and Roy’s Ka’anapali for great food. Nice video. Thanks

  27. Hey Blake! Thanks so much for your incredibly helpful and well-made video! You seem to exude the Aloha spirit as you say and it makes me feel very welcome and excited to visit Maui next month on a yoga retreat!

  28. Where is the Lu’au you mentioned in the video and what was it called? Hard to understand in the video.

  29. We are staying in Lahaina for two weeks in the end July 2020. Super pumped as it is -39 C here today.

  30. We’ll be there on the 16th of Feb! Staying through the 23! My BD is the 17th! What a special day that will be! Thanks for all your tips and enthusiasm!

  31. I went to Maui this past June for a week and it was the most fantastic vacation I’ve ever taken. Nice people, amazing food, and the most beautiful things to see. I cannot wait to come back. Great vid bro

  32. Simple and precise. Appreciate the non-pretentiousness. Seem like a cool dude who love his island/s.

    Thanks man!

  33. Suggest Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse BBQ in Kihei – is fantastic! Also, SHAVE ICE in Maui is waayyy better than anywhere else.

  34. Thanks for these tips! I’m going to Maui for Christmas 2020, so it’ll be right at the start of whale watching season. Does anyone know if that’s the peak whale watching?

  35. Wow…great video BKR!! Was planning on going to Maui this Spring but now I know I’m going!! Thank you…

  36. Just returned yesterday from Maui after spending 2 weeks there. The absolute best place that I have ever been at, the locals are the best and it is very safe. It is paradise!

  37. I’m traveling to Maui at the end of this month from Korea. I think I would have made the Maui part of the trip longer if I had watched the video first…😍 Or I’ll just go back. Do you happen to know when would be better time of the day to watch the whale? Or it doesn’t matter during the whale season? Thank you for your info!!!

  38. WARNING do not take the road to Hana. A grueling 5 hour drive, each way with not much to see at the end. Dangerous hair pin turns all the way at 15mph. Nightmare.

  39. If you make it out as far as Hana, Venus pools/Waioka pond is a pretty sick place to go if you’re trying to get in the water

  40. Great video! We just booked our flights in late February! Definitely checking out the sunrise hike. We need a local to help us pronounce everything!

  41. Nice I love your videos , I hope want day to go to Hawaii with my husband , and my Channel I have think to do in colombia, I hope one day you can check out , bye Yohana merrick

  42. Truly inspired by your video and info
    Coming there soon
    Would love to see everything and love your energy thank you

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