Top 10 things to do on Maui Hawaii

Top 10 things to do on Maui Hawaii
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In this video I talk about my top 10 favorite activities (in no particular order) to do on Maui Hawaii. From Haleakala, to the Road to Hana, to my favorite beach and snorkeling spot, you’ll learn the best of the island of Maui and my favorite things to do.

Big Beach/ Makena beach- best beach in Maui. The waves are huge and so much fun!

Haleakala- The highest point in all of Maui. You are literally above the clouds. In my opinion, it is best to view it for the sunset instead of the sunrise.

Honolua Bay- Best spot for snorkelling. It’s my favorite on the island. I’ve seen turtles every time!

Iao Valley- One of my favorite places to hike. The Iao Needle is amazing!

The Road to Hana- Unreal drive. Tons of waterfalls, hiking trails, and spectacular views. Top notch 🙂

Moana glass –

Helicopter tour- best way to see Maui. Unforgettable experience

Wet Maui Mountains – the amazing views of the west side of Maui

Luau – best way to spend an evening on Maui Hawaii

Front Street – Best Shopping on Maui

Lanai – Great getaway for the day

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  1. We are coming to Maui with a cruise ship so will only be there 2 days. Should we rent a car & drive Road to Hana & go to Haleakala ourselves?

  2. Great list! We would have to agree that a helicopter is the best way to see Maui 🤙🏽

  3. Thank you Matt. I’ve never been to Maui, and this is one of the most insightful and informative videos I’ve seen so far.

  4. any tourist that takes from the islands will die after the bad luck youve been cast with from whatever you took. SO PUT IT BACK!!!!!

  5. My favorite thing to do on Maui is watching tourists trash the place and go home to come back and do it again

  6. Great content, would love to see you make a video on best spots to eat on Maui and/or your favorite stops on the road to Hana with mile markers. (Most youtubers dont put in the description what mile marker things are at and leaves me to have to go google it)

  7. I’m really glad this video has partly cloudy weather. I’m in Maui right now literally and the weather isn’t sunny 24/7 for sure. I’m using to guide for today!

  8. I agree with AJ…your personality shines and all of us who long to live on island and do not could wake with a good dose of daily vlogs…even capturing daily life…love it…this video was great, even enhanced my pronunciation…I always feel my words are pronounced wrong on island…

  9. What would you recommend as far as Airbnb/hotels? This is our rough itinerary, although now I want to go to the island you mention as #11. Would you stay over there?

    2 days here in Lahaina 2/20-2/22
    2 days in Kaanapali 2/22-2/24
    3 days Hana 2/24-2/27
    2 Kihei/Wailea 2/27-2/29 – Haleakala crater
    finish the time in Lahaina – 2/29-3/1

  10. The trail on the way to honolua bay is a burial ground. There are signs everywhere saying to stay on the path.

  11. Where is the location at 6:04? How tough is it to get up there? Looking to see awesome views like that with my 14 year old when we go next year. Achievable?

  12. Do you live in Maui? Do you have kids? I’m just wondering how you just wake up and go …how old are you? Ok lol done with questions

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