Top 15 Things To Do In Rimini, Italy

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Here are top 15 things to do in Rimini, Italy
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1. Italia in Miniatura – Natalia Svistunova /
2. Museo della Citta –
3. Rimini Beach – shutterstock
4. Mirabilandia Theme Park –
5. Ponte di Tiberio – shutterstock
6. Arco d’Augusto – shutterstock
7. Piazza Cavour – Nick_Nick /
8. Tempio Malatestiano – shutterstock
9. Riccione Beach – shutterstock
10. Castel Sismondo – shutterstock
11. Piazza Tre Martiri – Angela N Perryman /
12. Play crazy golf on the Rivergreen Course –
13. Parco Giovanni Paolo II –
14. La Ruota Panoramica – Luca Lorenzelli /
15. Try seafood at the Guido Restaurant –

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  1. where are Federico Fellini`s grave (and Giulietta Masina) and stadio Romeo Neri???

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