Top 15 Things To Do In Vicenza, Italy

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Here are top 15 things to do in Vicenza, Italy
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1. Parco Querini –
2. Vicenza Museo Civico –
3. Torre Bissara –
4. Basilica Palladiana – Shutterstock
5. Villa Valmarana –
6. Vicenza Cathedral – Shutterstock
7. La Rotonda – Shutterstock
8. Corso Andrea palladio –
9. Chiesa di Santa Corona –
10. Teatro Olimpico – Shutterstock
11. Piazza dei Signori – inalex /
12. Museo Palladiano –
13. Ponte San Michele –
14. Santuario di Monte Berico – Shutterstock
15. Take a day trip to Verona – Shutterstock

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  1. Hello from Vicenza!!! Nice tips…could be with more explainings what is what…but still OK, short, direct and usefull… Vicenza is like hiden treasure of Italy and fantastic base town to see, and travel to Venice, Milano, Padova…Verona…

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