Top things to do in Seville Spain – Food, Tourist Attractions & top sites

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  1. Great vid guys. I love all your spanish vids. Spain is a big country with loads to explore, when you think you have sampled enough, there is still plenty more yet to explore. We drove through serville , like you guys but we never had enough time to see everything. But will definately visit this beautiful city again. Love from Scotland.

  2. Hello, thank you very much for visiting my city, I hope you visit again soon. I loved the video. Greetings from Seville.

  3. I would recommend planning your activities before you go to your destination it makes a much more enjoyable journey.

  4. Your vid was informative and enjoyable to watch, esp. your being relaxed about the rain in Spain… The detailed descriptions of the Plaza de Espana and the Alcazar(?) are appreciated bc other vloggers overlook what may seem obvious to their eyes. Which are the four kingdoms the bridges represent @ the P de E? What is the entrance fee for the latter site? Happy travels.

  5. Love your videos. Im going to Seville in 11th May from UK. Definitely I will visit places from your video. Thank you for recommendation. Great profile. I send a hugs.

  6. the tree you have asked is actually Banyan tree native to India.. They grow for centuries ..thick and old..

  7. Great video guys!Just wonder what equipment do you use?My gimbal still gives so much shakes,yours is perfectly smooth!

  8. Love the amazing city of Seville. We visited again last month on 5th January for the Three Kings parade and also visited the ALCAZAR πŸ™‚ Just in case anyone recognises it, the secured parking you pointed out at Los Remedios bridge is now closed and relocated to the old docklands. It is called Parking Las Razas.

  9. Great video. This helps so much for planning my trip in April with the Mrs. Thanks and Cheers!

  10. Just found your channel! Love your travels, now I have a new goal!! In North Carolina USA

  11. I am a regular in Alicante (sout of Valencia, wchich i recomend to visit), there are identical trees there, only a biy bigger, as i was told they are potted fig trees(fikus is what is called in polish), basicly just like the ones we have in our homes (in Poland they are quite popular) only differance is that those treese are 200 – 300 years old.
    When was your material shot? was it January 2019?
    I’m going to Seville this week for the first time, thank you for some usefull info.

  12. hello you 2 x as you have mentioned you take your valuables with you i noticed you have straps across the front of your back packs ? is that for security or just the way they are made and you make use of them or is it advisable to take such a precaution ?

  13. We loved Seville especially the old town and were fortunate to be there for a week long local festival ….. one of those cities we would go back to

  14. The food! The fun! The amazing sights! But the outtakes . . . I was rolling with laughter with the pants and bathroom comments. Safe travels! Keep the great videos coming!

  15. The tree you asked about is a Fiscus tree Elastica from the rubber tree family. Better late than never with the info.

  16. eating and drinking excessively we like the sound of that!!!!! You guys are singing to us with all those tasty tapas and alcohol! We’ve never done a maze….knowing us we’d get really frustrated! Great to hear you both really enjoyed Seville….maybe your favourite place in Spain?

  17. Seville is definitely one of my absolute favorites in the world. I will go back there in a heartbeat. Great atmosphere, great food, great sights and monuments. Just lovely! Thank you for your gorgeous vlog.

  18. Absolutely brill videos Amanda and Chris can I just ask if it’s possible that you could show we your drone and the make of it I’ve wanted a drone for Christmas but never got one 😭😭😭😭 looking at your footage it looks very clear on video thanks again Colin

  19. Another great Vlog. Love all the Moorish architecture. Was in Sevilla as a tourist many years ago, and now going to guitar school for a week. Did you going to Alhambra Palace and the Generalife? the queues are mental there too, as you probably discovered.

  20. Fab video – thanks – oh and what are the makes of your Backpacks please 😎

  21. Loved watching this VLOG today. I’m heading to Seville next week, my wife and I have booked an Air BnB in Triana. Can’t wait.

  22. Love yr vids…really give an overall view… u also spare obvious day to day slog like other couples do… want to see scenery & places of interest not teeth being brushed & eating in van… et al
    Godspeed you interesting peeps…gr8 vibe between you two…big hug & safe journeys…

    Ps : Tree with huge roots am sure is a Cape Wild Fig… in PE huge ones…CT too…
    Incidentally do hope oranges are picked & eaten… imagine fruit trees planted EVERYWHERE ON PLANET….NO HUNGER…GOOD HEALTH…ETC…

    Pps : Fantastic Spanish background music….

  23. Just keep enjoying the dream with or without pants πŸ‘
    Take care you too
    Best Regards us up North πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸΎπŸΊπŸŸ

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