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Last summer we went to Bremen. To make video’s for the tourism board. I love my job 😀 Because I loved the city and we shot a lot of things we couldn’t use in the original videos, I decided to make a video for my channel as well! So is it sponsored? We were here on a paid job, but no one paid me to make this specific video for my own channel, it wasn’t part of the deal 🙂 Just to clarify how this video ended up here!

For all information on where to go and what to see, I’ll list everything down below.
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The hotel we got was right in the heart of town, very close to the marketsquare and böttcherstrasse. I liked it!
► Radisson Blu:

► Go to the Bremer Ratskeller for food and a wine tour! See the oldest cask wine and taste amazing homemade chocolates along the way.
► MUST SEE! The Bremen town hall with the model ships. Very impressive!!! Don’t skip this!
► Walk through the böttcherstrasse
► Visit the historical market square with the town musicians statue amonst other things.
► Go to schlachte embankment for a drink or a sunset stroll, or a market
► Get lost in the small lanes of Schnoor – very pretty old neighborhood!

There are lots of good choices
► Markthalle 8 (markethall 8) is great with lots of food from all over the world. Great variety, very tasty!
► Teestubchen – for an afternoon tea (in schnoor), loved the tea, cakes and the whole ambiance.
► Alexander von Humboldt – dinner on a boat!
► Ratskeller – great dishes and very unique ambiance
► Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur – candystore, see how the candy is made and bring something sweet back home.

► Philippines series 2015 (Palawan, Mindoro):

► Philippines series 2016 (Batanes, Banaue):

► Philippines series 2017 (Palawan):

► Thailand:

► Jordan:

► Switzerland 2017 the whole series:

► Switzerland 2015:

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  1. Great video..very interesting and nice Voice!!!…watch my feed if you want

  2. Nice video, a place to visit …in the future.
    Natuurlijk ook een leuke video die zin geeft om Bremen te gaan bezoeken … maar nu even niet, we mogen voorlopig niet reizen .

  3. Hey Travel Gretl. I really admire how you just make and produce your travel vlogs. Your vlogs are so spontaneous and makes me learn on new places that makes me want to travel more. I’ve watched this video a couple of times and what you did here kinda inspired me to do and produce my own simple travel vlogs coz I wanted to show that traveling really helps us build ourselves and understanding the world, from meeting people, enjoying nature and most of all, learning new things. I made my simple channel about my travels , if you guys want to check it out, its

    Once again, thank you for inspiring me. God bless you and more power!

  4. Hey Gretl! You have got a really explanatory vlog here. According to me, you would be able to catapult your subscribers if you try to project it in India. If you are interested in a free collaboration and learning which can help us both, please reply. 🙂

  5. Hi ma’am plz visit again in Guimaras island Philippines.. it’s more fun in Guimaras

  6. Love this. Great suggestions!! We have been a few times and I believe you hit them all!! Thanks for sharing. We new friend and just subscribed to your channel. Check us out at Travel Global as we would love the support!!

  7. My hometown, beautiful vlog! I also recommend a walk in the „Bürgerpark“, which is near the city central station.

  8. Im planing to study in The uni of Bremen. Can i get the information about the condition both livin and studing environment ?

  9. I’m travelling to Germany this year so this is invaluable to me! Thanks Gretl! Bremen is absolutely beautiful! Gotta start practicing my German again – guten tag! Sprechen sie English?

  10. We love your content! Lani is Filipino and we hope to start world travels in a couple of years too! We subscribed to your channel and plan to use it as a guide as we plan RJOURNEY! It looks like we have very similar passions. Hope you have a chance to check us out!

  11. great story telling 🙂 I lived there for 5 years and loved it. Tthere are also some nice hints a didn´t know.

  12. Hai gretl did you narrate to other youtube channel?

    A fan from the philippines 😍

  13. Been waiting for your vlog so loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong…. Frm. (gecko)

  14. Love it your vlogs are still the best!!!!!!❤👍❤👍❤👍 Been there actually really liked Bremen.

  15. Interesting that you have pronounced “Schnoor” in the Dutch manner. In German it is spoken with a long “o” instead of the “u” like in Dutch.
    A really nice and informative video which I have really enjoyed.

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