TRAVEL TO THAI VILLAGE FROM PATTAYA #1 | Thailand Women, Girls, Life, Food, Isaan, Udon Thani | 2017

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From Pattaya to Udon Thani Isaan. Thailand travel video about the journey to Thai girl village to meet her family:

0:00 Pattaya hotel. This is The Base condo located between Pattaya Beach Road and Soi Buakhao. Also It is close to other famous tourist destinations in Pattaya like Soi 6, Soi 7, Soi 8, Walking Street and LK Metro. There are expensive rooms. But if you will rent for a month, price is cheap from 400$ for a room. There are good view from window to Pattaya. You can see all of tourist attractions in Pattaya Jomtien Beach, Buddha Hill, Tamples and parks. You can see even Koh Larn island and the road to Koh Chang Island. This room is good choice for staying from a month and longer…

4:23 Pattaya bus terminal. We are buying tickets for travelling to Isaan Udn Thani. We have to make long way almost through all Thailand. We’ll past Bangkok, Korat untill getting to Udon Thani. The ticket price is 1200 thai bath for 2 people

4:54 Udon Thani Isaan thai food market. We are buying food, gifts for thai girls family living in thai village within 100 km from Udon Thani. There are a lot of kind of thai food on the market. Thai women and thai girls sell fish, meet, spices, rice alredy coocked and uncooked. You can real life in Thailand, village thai girls and village thai women…

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