TRAVEL VLOG HAWAII PART 1 | Food, Hula Dance, Scuba Diving, Waikiki Beach , Culture, Music

Aloha! In case you are going to take a Hawaii trip in the near future, you should probably know that I ate all the poke bowls, drank all the coconut water and had all the fun!


I have lived through what was the most beautiful exotic vacation I have ever had. Everyone I know ( and don’t know aka the internet) said that September is the best month to visit due to less tourism, however I feel like you can visit Hawaii in December, January, February etc it doesn’t matter because the place is always beautiful!!
Do you need a lot of money to visit Hawaii? The answer is NO, you don’t, you absolutely CAN visit Hawaii ON A BUDGET. I would go for April, May, September, October as these months tend to have lower rates on plane tickets, hotels etc.
In this first part of a two part video I am showing you the most awesome things you can do during your first days in Hawaii. Below you will find links to my favorite meals and restaurants, scuba diving, beaches and more.
I will be back next week with part 2 , where we go to Pearl Harbor, a sunset dinner cruise, shopping on the most luxurious boulevard in Waikiki Beach and take a quick tour through Honolulu! I will be sharing some more tips on how not to get ripped off when purchasing different tours and which hole in the wall serves the best poke! See you then 😊
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# Scuba diving:
# Favorite Beach Bar with awesome poke : Waikiki Beach Side Bistro, 2425 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
# Well located appartments with a small kitchen in Waikiki Beach :
# For a more fancy hotel stay :
# Tiki’s!!! :

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