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In 2015 me and my dad went on a trip to Vietnam. We visited Ho Chi Minh City and most importantly, the scuba diving trip in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Nha Trang is a city next to the ocean in Central Vietnam. While visting there I was staying at a Resort called “Vinpearl”, the resort was one of the nicest ones I have been too. while I played on rides, I was wondering if I could go scuba diving. well there we go! Watch till the end. You gonna love this scuba diving trip.
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Watch this video in 4K! If 4K is not a option on your device, watch it on 1080P HD or 720P HD! To chnage the quailty of the video go to settings and press “quality”, from there choose the quailty you want! Enjoy the video!
CREDITS | Flimed on a SJCAM400 (WiFi), Flimed by my dad and the scuba diving guide.
ALERT | Please excuse the date on the video, the date is NOT correct at all. This was flimed in 2015, not 2013.
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