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Trip to Japan 2017 – Nikon

Hey! I’m finishing up spring break right now and used the time to edit and relax, after a long quarter at school @ Northwestern. I edited a video of my trip to Japan during winter break in December 2017 when I visited my girlfriend from Tokyo and also traveled to Hakone with her family.

With her, I was able to explore Japanese culture and Tokyo for the first time by going to various parts of the enormous city. I was amazed by the urban design, street culture, and fun things like convenience stores and typical tourist attractions. I hope this video gives a brief view of what I saw, although there’s definitely more that I did in terms of arcades, shops, and food. I’m super lucky to have an amazing girlfriend to explore the city and have had made priceless memories.

This is my first video of 2018, but I’m still try to post when I can . Be sure to subscribe for more as I try to explore new types of videos this year besides travel videos or short films! I want to improve my cinematic transitions and special effects, in addition to making videos with more commentary and stories.

-Nikon d5500
-Nikon 35 mm f/1.8 DX lense
-iPhone 6s
-Footage and captions edited on Final Cut Pro, but I hope to move to Adobe Premiere Pro soon.

Music in sequence:
1. Ruck P- Destination
2. Incubus – Aqueous Transmission Instrumental
3. Dj Quads – Good Vibes

Shot in Japan in Dec 2017. Edited March 2018. procrastination :/

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