Tsukiji’s star attraction is maguro (bluefin tuna) as big as submarine torpedoes and weighing up

to 300kg: the sight (and sound) of these flash-frozen whoppers being auctioned is a classic Tokyo

experience, worth getting up early (or staying up late) for.

Visitors begin pitching up for one of the 120 allotted places for viewing the auctions from

around 3.30am at the Fish Information Center in the northwest corner of the market. It’s on a

first-come, first-served basis. The first batch of 60 visitors go in to see the auctions between

5.25am and 5.50am; the second batch is from 5.50am to 6.15am. As public transport does not start

running until around 5am, you will either need to walk or take a taxi to the market this early in

the morning.

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