Turkey vs Greece Military Power Comparison 2020

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►Hello, welcome to my channel. in today’s video, we compared the military strength of Turkey and Greece. in this comparison you will learn about
military forces,missile ranges,tank numbers,armored vehicles, the Navy, and many other things.

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  1. Thanks to World of tanks for sponsoring this video : https://tanks.ly/34OP5iq
    Use invite code TANKTASTIC at and get a T-127 Tank, 500 Gold, and 7 Days Premium Access.
    Who won the military comparison of Turkey and Greece?

  2. This must be a joke. No need to compare, we all know that Turkey is able to swallow Greece in less than 24 hours.

  3. Turkey is 15 times better than greece 🧐🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷💪💪💪💪💪💪

  4. Yunanlar kaybetin anamak istemiyorlar 🤣
    Lan 40 bin bordu berili vs tüm yunan ASKERI
    (Benim eniçdem,,Binbaçı”)
    ,,türkiye tüm silaçinı söylemes gizlı tutar, dedinden hapsinden 2 kat var bizde 😉
    Yunanlar gibi dıylis.
    Gelin lan dünya

  5. We love our Turkish brothers and sisters…. From Paksitan. 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  6. Hellas is the most powrefull country in heart and at mind.
    May we have no strong guns but we have a really strong gun (love for our country).

  7. We won 2 times
    Dont you think you turkey are better because you stole our half country and you now you are telling the half people who live there . To get lost!

  8. And you forgot to mention that Greece also have many countries backing them with to total military support against Turkey. Turkey be smashed to pieces if they attacked Greece.

  9. Apart from a narrow border between the two countries to the west of Istanbul, and a few Islands in close proximity, there exists the problem of bringing all that ground power to bear by either side against the other. Even with the ground where the two armies can fight there’s no flat open terrain, it’s much more suitable for the defender than the attacker. So if a war broke out the two countries could bring misery and death down on each other but at the end of the day the front lines and borders don’t move much. Probably you get the big powers using persuasion to come to a truce, a war would be bad for everyone.

  10. At the end of the day Greece is actually defending itself and has been for a long time from turkey I support grease

  11. God Bless Greece , Because they will need this ahhahahahahahahahahahaah also that is funny video i guess you should compare greece and a city from Turkey . this can be fair . İf Turkey start to fuck greece even euro cant save greece .

  12. Hellas stronger than all not because have strong and powerful army But because have the truth God with him Greece never die

  13. who can forget that reality more than 400 years the greeks was ours slaves.what a shame for you :)))) i guss your history lessons not objective too much.

  14. Greece military forces swimming sea now since 1921 😂 they have little forces. They have scary people. They have little economy. And they havent brain😘

  15. TURKEY GREECE IS IMPOSSIBLE WHY ? WHEN THIS WAR STARTS ONLY GERMANY WINS WHY ? greece : oh how a good day to go my mountains 🙂 oh turkey what u doing in this mountain turkey : this is not a mountain this is our economy *greece debt against world : -9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 billion trillion dollars greece : :/

  16. There are no S400 in Turkey and the most navy power of them is with no personal we are stronger by far in the see and their plain Will be history in some Days the Greek politician hide this fact but we greeks are ready to make Turkey ASHES….

  17. Now lets see a comparison between the fortune of the 2 presidents of the countries vs their voters. If anybody is driving his country to a war he should be the first in line of the battle.
    Pity how great possibilities this region has if only everybody would chill the fuck out

  18. These are silly videos and comparisons.
    WHAT HAVE TO DO the manpower or the more tanks, in a conflict???

    ESPECIALLY us, the Greeks, we have proved in History that manpower or much more weaponry or… doesn’t matter at all. We have COUNTLESS examples in our History to cover my statement:

    – Marathon’s Battle, 490BC?… We were 10,000 infantry (only) against 150,000 Persians (with archers & cavalry too, except their infantry). Result? 6,000+ Persians dead, 192 Greeks dead! TOTAL DEFEAT of the Persians! And to tribute that incredible win, we have the MARATHON RACE to remind us the brave Greek who ran 50km AFTER he fought (!) to deliver the victory to the city of Athens!!!!

    – Salamis Marine Battle, 480BC?… The naval ultima defeat of the Persians! About 2,000 Persian ships against 380 Greeks ships… Persian lost? 200+ ships! Greek lost? About 40 ships!

    – Plataea Battle, 479BC?… The final battle and TOTAL DEFEAT of Persians! Around 150,000 Persians against 40,000 Greeks… almost THE ENTIRE PERSIAN ARMY was slaughtered, the Greeks suffer around 1/3 of their army!

    – Independent War against the Turks in 19th century… Almost in all war’s length (about 8-9 years), the Greeks Guerrilla fighters (not regular army) never were more than few thousand – and NOT TOGETHER, UNITED, but splitted in small groups. The Imperial Turkish forces deployed over 2 million troops all these years and we all know the result – the Greeks won their independence!

    – The year 1940… The mighty Italian fascist state attacked the poor Greek state. Result? TOTAL DEFEAT of the Italians, the Greeks won almost the 2/3 of the Albanian country (because the Albanians let the Italians to use their country for base to attack Greeks).

    – The “RIMINI” Greek Battalion. The first Allies’ troops they defeated the Nazis and liberated Rimini. After a lot attempts (even American Rangers), the Greeks defeated the Nazis Paratroopers and liberated the city. The Greek Battalion was one of the most decorated Allies’ battalion in WW2.

    …I mean… seriously, I can write an… encyclopedia of books, naming the Greek bravery!
    BRAVERY WINS BATTLES, not manpower or weaponry.


  19. grecce is in debt with 180% of their gdp. Their total gdp is 200 billion. Spending 6 billion means spending 3% of their total gdp for defense.

  20. greece is a weak and ordinary country that cannot even produce bullets.
    on one side and Turkey on their own domestic production of high-tech missiles On the other hand, weak weak Greece. this comparison is ridiculous. Sorry greek bros but new Work reality on if you cannot equip your army yourself, it means that you are not yours army.

  21. Turks’ war skills are full of historical legends. Turks are stronger than all states in war.🇹🇷🇹🇷💪🏻💪🏻

  22. Well you forgot many things. First of all Greece also has the Patriot air defences system and There was no mention for Turkish spy drones. And the “aircraft carrier is a helicopter Cartier and is still being build

    What really impressed me is that Greece has a population 8 t8mes smaller and land too but manages to keep up with turkey

    Another thing to note is that numbers alone won’t give you a winner, for example although turkey has more planes most of them are very old and in 1v1 air fight Greek airforce would destroy the Turkish

  23. Ha ha haaaaa 😁😁😄😄 gerece ha haaaa haaa 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 Turkish army powerrrrrr powerrrr ☝️☝️👑👑 gerece one barbie baby 😄

  24. δεν υπάρχει ανάγκη για αγώνα. Χρειαζόμαστε φιλία
    . Kavga cozum degil.

  25. The todays winner is not a number of soldiers. But who can afford the first strike. 😉 It’s smart moves.. We don’t war with spears…

  26. by The complete Global Firepower list for 2019 puts the military powers of the world into full perspective. turkey is 9th , greece is 28th worldwide ranking we dont need to argue . Turkey easily wins

  27. A very stupid and inaccurate video. I’m sorry to hurt your feelings but get your information straight. The comments below point out numerous errors and omissions, so I will not repeat them again.

  28. where are humanless air vehicles?. anka, akıncı, bauraktar, killer drones, sniper drones and native war management software. greece.! waste your energy for peace with Türkiye. otherwise you will finish yourself

  29. THIS IS SPARTA!!!🛡🗡🛡🗡🛡🗡💪💪

  30. All this weaponry yet an irish tourist was all it needed to destroy whole turkish army XD

  31. No need for war or hatred. It’s pointless and to most of the negative people making stupid racist comments grow up. Were in the 21st century where we should be behaving in a civilized and peaceful way, not with aggression and intimidation. God bless both our nations and peoples. 🙏💖😊

  32. Note that the Turkish aircraft carrier is unable to carry other than F35 jets which at the moment cant purchase as the result of an embargo imposed on them for the purchase of s400 by Russia.

  33. Turkey has an aircraft carrier???Really???Get your facts right my friend..They are still trying to make one (recently the ship which is under construction was set on fire)..S400 are not yet operational (they will be soon, but not yet – They just received the missiles for that system this week). And you failed to mention any of the other defence systems similar to S400/S300, such as Patriot etc used by Greece (Turkey still lacks on that field – that is the reason they purchased the S400 from Russia)..You didn’t even mention the UAV programme by Turkey which is a huge factor in the battlefield. Although Greece was one of the first countries worldwide to design and produce prototypes, Turkey now has one of the most capable air fleets of UAVs in the region..Actually you failed to mention so many things that it is not even worth the effort naming them..

    Most important though..Greek and Turkish people have nothing to fight for..We are friends..So fuck the Greek and Turkish governments..Fuck the EU, USA and UN for making Greece and Turkey fight all the time..Greek and Turkish voters, think twice before you vote next time, if you don’t want to see your sons die,so that a fat guy thousands of miles away can make more money..

    Greece and Turkey = Aδέρφια/Kardeşler

  34. Turkey has 1000 aircrafts which only 100 work and has like inexperienced pilots 😂

  35. there is one thing that the turks fear the most in the aegean sea (the sea they want to steal from Greece) and its name is: Mirage 2000. Flies under any weather condition and can hit far far into their land.

  36. I am not going to discuss which country is better.. but in both countries, numbers are wrong, for example, Greece has 700 almost planes, not 566 or whatever you said. Next time please make it right. No matter which is stronger. Just make it right.

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