Underwater Purification Activities After CMAS Master Level Training l Scuba Diving Korea Vlog #13

#ScubaDiving #CMASKorea #스쿠버다이빙수중정화활동
-Diving Date: 2019/08/25/AM07:00 -Weather:Fine
-Resort/Point/Program: Scuba House/Taejongdae/Purification Activities
-Diving Time: 1 H 30 M
-Air pressure[Before/After]: 200 Bar/50 Bar [63Cuft]
-Depth/Water Temperature: 5-15 M / 21C
-Underwater Sight: 3-5M
-Win Speed/Wave Height: 2m/s / 0.2M

After the master level education, I went around the 5-15m section and did the underwater purification activity. Plastic and vinyl were cleaned mainly.

Thanks for watching:)

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