VIETNAM TRAVEL GUIDE: How to see Vietnam in 10 Days! (2020)

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When planning a trip to Vietnam, there are many places that you’ll want to see when you travel here. Over 10 days we have seen many of the best things to do in Vietnam on our Vietnam Highlights trip!

Check out the Contiki trip here!

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  1. It’s nice that you make video about my country, Vietnamese food is so amazing that people should try:)))

  2. Not only did Vietnam get attacked by Australia, America, South Korea and Japan BUT after the war Vietnam saved the Cambodian people from Pol Pot who China backed.

  3. How much do you think that trip would cost going from California in the United States?

  4. Cody, really enjoyed your awesome video! What beautiful mountains and scenery! Miss your exploring videos.

  5. Oh buddy I have to thank you for the awesome video, the presentation of the video is cool, I also enjoy it while watching

  6. Hi Cody! Thank you for the love you have for our country <3 Those footages of your adventure in Vietnam looks stunning!!! Do you mind if I put some of them in a video about Vietnam tourism that I will make? I can put your credit in the description if you want to ❤️

  7. Very touristy “guide” doesnt really do a good job at showing the real vietnam. Shows alot of drinking and partying.


  9. Great video Cody. Lets hope people can start coming back to Vietnam to see what you have seen real soon. #staysafe #stayhome 🤞🏻

  10. If you come back to Vietnam next time, please come to Quy Nhon coastal city in Binh Dinh province. It is a very wonderful city. It is one of the most famous martial arts land in Vietnam with delicious food and historical tourist attractions.

  11. Wow! Very nice video Cody! 😍 Vietnam is very beautiful!!! 🇻🇳 3 years ago I did a very epic walking trip in Vietnam and walked over 2160 kilometers from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. 100% walking – took me 3 months and 3 weeks. 😅
    Keep it up Cody!!!! Wishing you good!!! ✨🙏🏻😇☀️🌠

  12. You may not have known how sick Josh really was but, that’s no excuse for you leaving him hitchhike alone in a foreign country. As a friend and an exploration buddy you should have put your friends health first. I mean if he’s saying he needs a hospital because, he doesn’t feel right and you knowing that the condition of the climate is super hot and people can easily get dehydrated, that should have been a red flag in your head! Hey my friend is probably really sick from dehydration I shouldn’t leave him and make sure he gets to the hospital safely.

  13. woo… thanks so much for visiting our country. Honestly we have many interesting places that will be attracted you guys. let go some places in the West-North Vietnam that is near China border. surely it will make you suprise

  14. Ngl this is the first video about Vietnam where the first thing I see when scrolling down isn’t “who’s Vietnamese”

  15. bun Bo Hue is definitely NOT like Pho 🙂 it’s much spicier and much lemon grassy flavor.

  16. I was in Hoi An in 1999 and again in 2006. There are so much more going on there now compared to back then.

  17. What you say is interesting, but the way you do it- too much excitement, too loud- makesbme tired. Is it necessary for the Americans to be so hollywood- like??

  18. Welcome everyone come to Vietnam. There are bunch of great destination. You’ll have unforgettable memories

  19. Hello everybody. Welcome to my country. Let’s see my channel to see more. Thank u so much

  20. Hello international friends !!
    From Vietnam 🇻🇳❤️❤️
    We’re glad to welcome all of you ❤️❤️

  21. VIETNAM is very beautiful , everything is cheap. Friendly Vietnamese people , you should go there once in your life

  22. When didn’t come to the North like SAPA or rent your own bike for a road trip, you’re missing Vietnam there. These are just the fancy taste of it. Let’s go on a true adventure :V

  23. Vietnam is not just a wonderful city but it has a high lever of beauty.By the way, some vietnamese people may not speak english and i come from vietnam.Your video is amazing.

  24. Im Vietnamese. Vietnamese is definitely beautiful!!
    It such that nowadays alots of our beauty landscape & jungles was destroyed by our people
    And mekong delta is getting die cause China building so much giant big dam to hold water & changinv the rivers
    In fews years later all Southeast Asian country like VN, Cam,Laos, Thailand will running out of water
    ps: Vietnamese women is beautiful too. I don’t care what ppl think or say shit. Alots of ppl compare Viet vs China & Korea (i have no problem hate against anyone) but Vietnamese is long country, we have 4 season (north & center Vietnam) so it definitely normal if alots of VNese have NATURAL LIGHT-WHITE SKIN. Just because of there are amounts of Vietnamese have light skin thats not mean they’re look alike or wannabe Korean/Chinese
    But we also have range skintone as light-yellow skin, to medium skintone to light brown skin (tan skin) cause we’re still tropical country
    Middle to Northern Vietnam it’s summer year all long ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

  25. Huhahaaah, oh i am so proudddddd. Thank you so much for visiting our country :33

  26. As far as I know, in Nha Trang, the Funky Monkey boat will bring you the most fun and feeling. Trust me!!😇

  27. Welcome to Viet Nam, this is a country with a lot of beautiful place and local people is very friendly, willing to meet and help the touritsm. Especially, Things in Viet Nam is cheaper than other country. Thank you for your introduce Viet Nam❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. Có ai là người Việt Nam xem video này không nào, mình quê 37 Nghệ An nhé. Like nào.

  29. Hope you cameback Vietnam soon and visit Hai Phong City, Lan Ha Bay and spend the longest cross-sea cable car in the world which connect the mainland Hai Phong to Cat Ba Island

  30. I am from Cambodia and love traveling. I have traveled to some countries and I make videos about my trip. It maybe helpful for you if you want to plan the trip by your own. If you like to watch it, please go to my channel. Thanks

  31. You should visit Vietnam in summer and go to Phu Quoc, Da Nang, Da Lat, Sapa,…Trust me, its amazing ☺️☺️☺️.

  32. Thanks for your sharing about our beautiful country. Hope to see you guys around the world come to check it out . Willing to advise you if you needed . Cheers !

  33. Vietnam is a peaceful country, friendly people and amazing food. We always welcome all friends coming to my country 🙂

  34. You defenitely need spend more time to discover Vietnam. When you in Hanoi, go to Quang Ninh and Ninh Binh, it’ll take you about 3h but have a beautiful island where they filmed “Kong’s island”, you even see the hand, which is surreal made by nature. They’re also have the biggest temple no t only in VietNam but southeast asian.It’s located in very high mountain so you even see cloud near you. Or go to Quang Binh, where has Son Doong cave, biggest cave in the world, it’s 31km long and you have 2 option: walking on the path they build or go futher; which mean you have to wear protective tool and discover. Quang Binh also have Hang en, which have beach inside the cave, and Phong Nha cave….. I just mention 2-3 places because there is so many places you never imagine. Be there and you’ll be overwhelm which the beauty that nature give to Viet Nam

  35. If you can’t think which country that you should visit than Vietnam is the best decision. Plus,Vietnam is the most beautiful country with many different food and culture so Vietnam is one of the best tourist destination( my opinion ). I think Vietnam deserve more.
    And thank for uploading this video,you have put much efforts in this video. Keep up with your amazing work.
    Love from 🇻🇳 🇻🇳 🇻🇳
    (Sorry if there any grammar mistake just let me know because I’m Vietnamese so I’m not very good at English.)

  36. You can come and enjoy the beauty here, I am sure you will never be disappointed about it.The space, food and people here are great. Although there are a few small issues but it is not matter in an exciting journey you will experience. Looking forward to seeing you again in Vietnam. My country. Love everybody👌🏻

  37. u’re new to YOUTUBE…only 500k subscriber..i have to give u ONE DISLIKE for a newbie …sorry bro..that’s what i have to do

  38. Welcome to Viet Nam, I watched your first videos about Belgium and like your smile and voice, and now it’s interesting to see you in Viet Nam, very surprised. Hope you enjoyed Viet Nam.

  39. If you come to Vietnam, many things for you to go all month. Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh the place where King Kong was filmed, The highest peak in Southeast Asia in Sa Pa, Mu Cang Chai terraced fields, Hanoi capital, Phong Nha cave, Hue ancient capital, Da Nang beach, Hoi An ancient town, Phu Yen disc rapids, Da Lat flower city, the largest city in Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho floating market, seafood market in Vung Tau, vacation on Phu Quoc island …
    The famous eatery in Vietnam:
    Crab rolls, La Vong grilled fish, Hanoi phở, Hue mussel rice, Da Nang beef spring rolls, Phu Yen chicken rice, Bún Riêu , jellyfish noodles in Nha Trang, Saigon bread rice plate, Long Xuyen grapefruit tea, fish noodles Chau Doc, spring rolls, Soc Trang pizza, Hung Yen green bean cake, banh Chưng cake and Tét cake …
    I am Vietnamese. Welcome to my country.

  40. welcome travel ha long bay I am origin ha long person live at ha long city!
    thank you came travel ha long say thank you!

  41. Although my mother is Vietnamese and I have both Vietnamese and American nationalities, I have never been to Vietnam:((((

  42. Hi how are you?i am Sơn and living in hochiminhcity and i am very interested in your video clip with your journy in Vietnam,i wish i can go around with you to anywhere in Vietnam

  43. hanoi train street has been closed for over 6 months now.. good you could shoot it… do chk my Vietnam travel vlogs too..

  44. Thank you all for coming to Vietnam. I am Vietnamese, I am proud of the beauty of Vietnam, you travel in Vietnam, the cost will not be much, really cost in Vietnam is very cheap compared to the country you have. can be 5-8 times cheaper

  45. people need stop tossed trash out street or dump on river it will be more beautiful 🤦🏻‍♂️

  46. Dude, to be honest this is one of the worst clips about Vietnam. Even the title is so wrong. There are more of Vietnam than just those touristy places you went to in just 10 days. You didn’t even crack the surface of the places where you visited

  47. You missed Ho Chi Minh city, Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park (Natural World Heritage)……., anw 10days are not enough and we can understand 🙂 remember to come back and enjoy more 😀

  48. even in 3 month you don’t see “many of the best things ” 😉 and if you just want to get drunk, you can do that at home as well. what I see here is just the typically tourist crap. sorry but true. I see a “travel group” like this, I make a BIG way around it.

  49. I just wann let u know the government of Vietnam didn’t close border from China to Vietnam..the virus corona could spread by now be safe my brother

  50. You should visit in central highland where the Montagnard indigenous live they are friendly , they have a beautiful villages, rich culture but I heard when foreign visit central highland Vietnam keep them in city not allow them to visit in villages because they afraid of foreign to see how they tread Montagnard indigenous people.

  51. Hello bro, your video was so great and professional! But you missed somethings: go to Đà Nẵng(the top cities in the world to live), try eat local foods(Bánh mì Phượng in Hội An)…

  52. Another great video. You seemed more relaxed and fun in this video. I guess having all of the Americans around and sharing in the experience with you pepped you up. Keep up the great work and putting out these great videos.

  53. Those girls were back in their butts up on that boat I was be smacking all that

  54. All the most cliche tourist activities in the country and you couldn’t even pronounce the names correctly. Try harder dude.

  55. 3-D Scan??? Cody clones will start showing up….but they’ll be Super Assassins lol I did a Contiki tour of Europe years ago, only for 18-35 year olds. It was a GREAT time, but designed to be a constant party, didn’t sleep much lol

  56. Even when this kid drinks he has 0 personality. Loosen up guy. Holy shit you are not on travel channel. 🙂

  57. It’s pronounced “FUH” not “PHO”, if you gonna to be a travel channel you need to learn your pronunciations !

  58. I sense a story behind the banana shirt 😹 I almost did an Italy trip with Contiki but I’m not much of a party person, I’m also nearly too old now🙈

  59. I have that banana shirt along with a matching pair of shorts from Hanoi, and they cost less than 7x that of the customized shirt. I did 30 days in Vietnam and felt I only saw only a tiny fraction of the country. Phong Nga has a special part in my heart. I think you would love Ha Giang. That would be a great travel video. It was a fun excursion despite falling off my motorbike.

  60. Vietnam looks beautiful! Thanks for another country explored, Cody! Keep up the good work. Be safe!

  61. Hello Cody
    Nice Start for 2020 👌👌👌👍👍👍😍😍😍💙💙💙

  62. None of you travelers have the te$ticles to expose countries like these and Thailand and Indinesia…etc for their torture of animals, boiling and torturing for fun! Boycot these savage countries and dont feed them money on tourism!
    Starting with you, im unsubscribing all of you show only the pretty side of things!

  63. 4:38 wow. what a gorgeous man. where can i get a copy of that 3D scan?

  64. Hi Cody , this was very interesting and colorful , I loved the shirt chosen for you . Travel safe 😊

  65. My absolute favorite travel vlogger! Been here since the abandoned days! Proud of you Cody, keep killing it! Love the video!

  66. Awesome video Cody and Michael! Vietnam looks amazing! It’s now on our bucket list! You guys did a great job showing this country! Contiki tours are fun and busy! Great job!

  67. It was worth the wait, it’s a good video, having fun with these activities, being with friends, meeting new people, singing 😅, cooking 😯😱 and the end was the best part, Regards cody

  68. Congrats on 400k! Loved the video but wish you would introduce your traveling companions.

  69. Wow !!! There is a lot to do in vietnam, thanks for sharing this information Cody, like it!!!😊

  70. Yay a new video …and who knew Vietnam was so fun and fashionable…?! That 3D scanner was quite unexpected! Poppin outfits King Cody. 😊

  71. everyone wishing for happiness, love, riches, Cody.. I hoe this is in focus, is my mike on? 😂👍

  72. Nice video. Cool place, The Pho? soup I think you called it, looks really good.

  73. Vietnam is really a beautiful country and the people are so nice & friendly there. Great thigh & croach shot paddling that canoe! “😜”
    ( I would LOVE to give Cody a massage to get him going! “😉” ) 💞👍💞

  74. Wow I’ve never considered Vietnam as a tourist destination. I looks exciting. There’s lots to do there it seems. Adding to my list of must visit

  75. Wooo! Vietnam is amazing! Although I didn’t realize soju was a Vietnamese drink 😂😅 so many regrets 😅
    Can’t wait to go back and see more of Vietnam!

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