Walking Around BERLIN/GERMANY Without Using GPS

I was traveling before GPS was a thing. So in this video, I decide to make wandering around Berlin a little interesting by closing Google Maps on my phone and using a good ol’ traditional map.

Watch as I get a little lost walking around Berlin and check out all the popular sites.

Do you like to wander the city without using a GPS?

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  1. Great job on this video. I’ve seen the Holocaust memorial many times in videos but you were the first person to explain how it functions. Awesome.

  2. If you only got 8 hours in Berlin, the best time is 3AM to 11AM on a saturday or sunday – or may be on a monday.
    If you’re up for clubbing that is.

  3. wow i was really enjoying your content and then i got shocked that you only got such a small ammount of followers 😮
    keep up your good work 🙂 & greetings from germany

  4. 10:18 wow, Berlin city castle. Almost finished. That is the castle of the last german emperor which was destroyed after the war and now was new rebuild. Looks great. Btw. great reaction to the memorial. I felt like you, it was kind of disturbing.

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