The time has come, it is here: https://vikingsinparis.net/
We haven’t had a game like this in a while. This entire game is full of action and actual amazing gameplay. It’s roleplay but this time it’s actual meta gameplay too. See what happens when Tommy joins a game and plays seriously as Greece! And yes we are looking to do normal HOI4 Multiplayer, the more competitive games. It’s just that HOI4 currently doesn’t have a lot of games happening besides these roleplay ones, so it’s hard.
Anyways enjoy this amazing game, probably one of the best games on the channel for HOI4. Seriously it’s really good. So check it out, enjoy some Greece and see Tommy go back to his old roots in HOI4 MP! See ya on the next one and have a good day!

Date streamed: 05/11/2019 – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/504218340

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Intro song: Danheim – Imar. Thanks to Danheim for the great song!




  1. Meets world leader, Intantly calls him Malaka, the Greek equivalent of idiot, god i love this man!

  2. The only Greek words tommy knows are swear words like ya te (that mean why in Greek ) I am the true Greek just I didn’t stay long enough to learn to write in Greek letters 🙁

  3. Only in their dream or games 😂🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  4. Its not only every greeks dream for Constantinople to be reclaimed its every true lad of the west.

  5. Wow Look ! Greek’s taking the Istanbul…(Game)

    Wow look !Greek’s learning swimming… Friendly Turks thank you.(Real Life )

    Love you guys

  6. Fun fact; Istanbul is a greek word for; ” In city” so… Constantinople would be weird name for Greeks to say which is a roman name.

  7. Excuse me, but what are the mods for changing tag to every other one and for creating Makedonia (or the mod list if it exists anywhere)?

  8. you know something you are the first man and the only one i gave like 3 time in row in one week 😀 i like you man

  9. the word word instanbul is a greek word and it means εις την Πολη its a phrase that says going to the City with capital C or Π in my country.

  10. I know this is game and we we have no hate to anyone but if someone try to get a piece of our land they’ll pay it because as a Turkish person our lands is holy to us something happened in the past we fought as great warriors not only Turkey Republic other countries too and we got what we have now . And let alone what happened in the past just be friend to one another. Peace

  11. Geil, Griechischer Wein im Hintergrund. Tommy expotiert deutsche Kultur ins englische YouTube.

  12. I started this video playing on my av speaker system, can’t believe I had to explain the pornhub theme coming from my subwoofer to my father

  13. Hi Tommy what was the song that you started playing at 27:40 really would like to know thank you!!!!!

  14. beginning: “construction speed for land forts? useless”

    end: “construction speed for land forts? sure”

  15. 9:00 I love it, a “greek” and a “Italian” talking “politics”, while listing to German Schlagermusic.
    Keep on gaming. Much Love from Germany.

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