What it’s like being Chinese in MALAYSIA (Penang Travel Vlog)

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I recently visited George Town, Malaysia for the first time. Not only is it a beautiful city, but I was able to discover a side of me there that I never really knew about until now.

These are my thoughts on video. Enjoy!

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  1. Malaysia is my soul no matter where I move to even though my chinese side has slowly disappeared

  2. Any Malaysians here? I just wanna say I love you all who don’t discriminate and unite together forever no matter what was between us.Malaysia is a friendly country,even if the government doesn’t,we won’t let the outside break our bond,our hearts belongs to Malaysia.Im proud to be Malaysian.

  3. as a malay american this hits home. So relatable. There are barely any malaysians or malays living in california.

  4. I might get a lot of criticism for this but Chinese Malaysian are a lot like Israel’s Arab Citizens in terms of how they have conflicts with their identities and in their place in society.

  5. You can see to many Chinese gambling business at malaysia thanks to Chinese 👍, have fun.

  6. malaysian chinese…..hmm this is the only country where they include a word CHINESE in my ethnicity. In China Hong Kong and Taiwan they refer to me as 马来人 (Orang Melayu) …I guess foreigners recognized me as a Malaysian rather than my own country is

  7. I always wondered what Chinese Malaysia was. Thanks. Have you thought about visiting other Chinese diasporas? Or East Asia (Korea, Japan, Mongolia)?

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  9. Penang is the only state in Malaysia that is lead by Chinese….you can find many historical relic of Chinese immigration in the clan kongsi

  10. The tittle for the video makes you sound like some Ignorant Asian American who is just another of the 2 million annually, who come to a foreigner in search of this thing called originality. You said you want to see Malaysian culture, then you went to Penang and ate Chinese Food. The tittle makes it seem like you are not aware that Chinese people are not exotic in Malaysia and especially in Penang. And you are not even Chinese. You are Canadian..

  11. Awesome video! Love your storytelling skills – video flows seamlessly keep up the good work 👍🏼

  12. I live in Kuching, Sarawak(it’s in Malaysia) and I’m Chinese. But I’m horrible at Chinese… I mostly speak English. Am I the only one?

  13. Im iban from sarawak my father is chinese and my mom is purely iban.And now i can speak 7 languages
    [English,Bahasa Iban,Mandarin,Bahasa malaysia,bidayuh,kenyah,Melayu Sarawak] im proud of my self

  14. Your content is quite good. But don’t go so far into Malaysian language or something thing. It starts to get boring.

  15. It’s true when it comes to ethnicity in Malaysia, you’ll need years to cover it just with mere discussion. I am from Sarawak, partially Iban and mostly Chinese. Where I am from, we have nearly 30 ethic tribes with their own distinctive food, language, and culture. I’ve relocated to Penang 2 years ago, and I still can’t get enough of what Sarawak has to offer. Likewise in any part of Malaysia.

  16. love your vlog/documentary about malaysia! love ur editng, ur explanation, ur videography, basically i just love everything :’) Keep up the good work and welcome to Malaysia <3

  17. This is a great video, you explained many ideas and gave us an insight into Malaysia. Chinese Malaysians I believe migrated from Yunan Province in PR China. I thought you might have touched upon that to see how that differs from the Chinese who currently live in Yunan Province today.
    I am of African descent and it was great to see various parts of the Chinese diaspora, how they span the Pacific and South China Sea, thank you.

  18. should be ‘Malaysian Chinese’, as it will be different meaning if chinese come first. When my life in Australia, many foreigner’s understanding: Chinese=China, however for us is an Religion, not Nationality/Country.

  19. To be fair, you need to venture out to other states in Malaysia as well, such as Kelantan, Trengganu (with the beautiful Pulau Tioman,), etc., to experience the malaysian culture. Malaysia is truly a great place and the people are so friendly.

  20. This is Trippy!
    My wife (Sarah) is also mixed, her Dad is originally from HK and her mom from Malaysia.
    We are also Canadians (Toronto) and recently visited Penang, Malaysia….but the weirdest part: My name is also Jensen.

  21. just a visitor ok..don’t stay forever lah…we don’t need to add more of your kind here haha

  22. I am a Malaysian Chinese and hope that you don’t bring IN American or British FLAG to our country-lah. As a Chinese we never and never, won’t be burn CHINA Flag-loh. P/s. Anyway Welcome Back to MALAYSIA

  23. George town doesn’t look that developed compared to KL.it can easily pass for a city with colonial influence in Sri Lanka just like Galle or Kandy. anyone who has been to Sri Lanka? would like to know the opinion.

  24. Cool video, dude. Kudos to you <3 But know that we, Malaysians, marry cultures like crazy for years. So, even the simplest element like food, you will find significant culture blend in it. Some of the facades may manifest its Malay origin, Indian or Chinese, or even God knows how many races are there in Malaysia (It is that much of a blend). We find it hard to segregate which is which. It works almost like a chemical. Not compound. All the time. As I said, we marry those elements too well to distinguish. And most families have other races in their surroundings/ married interracially. Ergo, again - we celebrate the polarities and label every ingredient as not 'Malay', 'Chinese' or 'Indians' but as 'Malaysians'. #mytwocents
    Much love to you and your family. And yes, welcome to Malaysia.

  25. いいですねー!!Grest travel vlog😆i’m gonna go there in neat future. im looking forward to it😎

  26. Hi bro …yes in penang is alottt nice food ..but in another side Malaysia borneo Chinese have nice food …will i from sarawak that why love to tell u about it

  27. Interesting content that you blend your roots and travel together. We are also a travel couple from Malaysia too! Do check us out! (Y)

  28. True Malaysian they put Malaysian as priority…they spoke in Malay..they introduce the world that Malaysia is Malay with have Chinese and indian in there not fully chinese…just because u put Jalur Gemilang then u can simply said this is Malaysia..all temple and some kind like that is not totally picturing the Malaysia..

  29. Maybe next you will try to find out your mom hometown…where your mom was born and raised, her school or maybe some of her friends

  30. I am Ukrainian. I visited Malaysia twice .Supposing Chinese malaysians to be most hospitable nation on the planet. They are very different from Chinese in mainland. They used to be modest, merry, educated , polite with excellent religion which is not agressive compared to Islam , very tolerant. I wish there were more Chinese in Malaysia definetly.

  31. Love this video so much! Welcome to malaysia, a part from your roots. Glad to see you had so much fun in Penang!

  32. 6:26 i cried at the “pandai” word with chinese accent. idk i feel it touched my heart in lovely way

  33. Just a fun story when I was a kid I identified the English word ‘Chinese’ as one of the races in Malaysia, and so I am Chinese by race and I am Malaysian as in ‘Malaysia people’. I was shocked when I found out that people living in China with China citizenship is also called ‘Chinese’ using the same word! As a kid I would think they are called Chinasian 🤣

  34. I’m Malaysian Chinese and I lived in Australia. When people ask why I’m not as dark, I just say there is a race called Malay and I’m not that. Malaysian is a nationality while Malay is a race, know the difference people!

  35. You know when the girl was Malaysian Chinese they dress up like a short pants,long hair,and t-shirt while mainland Chinese they are more like wearing one piece dress and more sexy 😂

  36. Jensen, hi, greetings from Australia 😁. I found your video, or should I say, documentary, by accident in my feed, but I loved it so much that I subscribed straight away. Your work is such a highly professional quality. The structure, images, content and naration were amazing. It was a real eye opener to a culture I know nothing about and an insight into you, you’re views and opinions etc. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. I look forward to viewing many more of your videos. Thanks again, take care 😁😁😁💙💙💙🦘🦘🦘

  37. Comment kat sini banyak sangat argument dan percanggahan pendapat laa.. tak tau betul org malaysia ke lahir malaysia tapi bukan hati malaysian.. kalo just nak hidup cari mkn tapi tak rase cinta malaysia well sayang sangat…

  38. Malaysian Chinese invention 24season drum, Raw fish Loh Hey, only married can give Angpow to children. We like spicy food, some Chinese speak Thai, Japanese or Korean. Kek Lok Si Temple combines Chinese , Thai and Burmese architecture.

  39. Trust me. I have a lot of chinese friends but they never introduce themself as Chinese Malaysia.

  40. Easily speaking if you want to know more about Malaysian Cantonese come to centre of Perak state (Daerah Kinta, Kampar and Batang Padang) where we have our own words for certain things that even KLites don understand on it. Hahaha

  41. 马来西亚粤语是来自多年前移民到马来西亚的那些人。这一代没有真正的中国人在马来西亚。是马来西亚华人。你说的粤语是纯正来自香港的粤语。那才是正确的粤语。马来西亚粤语只是方言而已。

  42. 50% of Penang population are Chinese, if you want to explore more of Malaysian culture.. I think you should explore other cities other than Penang

  43. Chinese and Malay are not mandatory as otherwise it means it is required by law. It is expected that you are able to speak your dialect and Bahasa Malaysia. Yes, most Malaysians are not to be polygot.

  44. My family’s from just across the strait from Penang, in North Sumatra. My family also speaks Cantonese. But also Hakka, Bahasa Indonesia, and other languages.

  45. Char Kway Teow is originally from Chaozhou (Teochew), Guangdong Province, China. Kway Teow (粿條) means rice noodles in the Teochew dialect.

  46. I know you’re real fluent with your canadian english accent but wtf you can’t pronounce char kueh teow 3:26? You can clearly speak fluent malaysian accent here 6:28, for real, so extra…

  47. Malaysian-Chinese and Mainland-Chinese is mad different. Do not ever gets it mix up.

  48. One of the things I did notice from your videos is that your video is so much like an essay of a student. It is fun to watch in parts but it is not really a vlog per se…

    Nonetheless, I am happy for you that you found something that has influenced you from the root and try to understand how your root has made you who you are.

  49. The archaeological evidence of the earliest human foraging on Madagascar may date up to 10,000 years ago.[13] Human settlement of Madagascar occurred between 350 BC and 550 AD by Indianized Austronesian peoples, arriving on outrigger canoes from Indonesia. The social and religious situation of Indonesia during those times were that of Hinduism and Buddhism, along with native Indonesian culture. These were joined around the 9th century AD by Bantu migrants crossing the Mozambique Channel from East Africa. Other groups continued to settle on Madagascar over time, each one making lasting contributions to Malagasy cultural life. The Malagasy ethnic group is often divided into 18 or more subgroups, of which the largest are the Merinaof the central highlands.

  50. Nice video, but I have to point out the char koay tewo is actually a Chinese cuisine from the city ChaoZhou in Guangdong province.

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