#WhenInSouthKorea2017 – A Journey of a KDrama and KPOP Fan ✈️🇰🇷

Annyeong! Hi Guys! Here is my travel vlog during my trip to South Korea last November 26, 2017-December 11, 2017. Yes, that’s right! We went there for 2 weeks. Actually, I’ve also been to Korea last 2015 but the focus of that trip was to go to famous tourist destinations for 1 week. This time around, the focus of the trip is completely different. I am a Kdrama and Kpop addict so I planned this 2-week long journey where I went to different filming locations of the almost all the Kdramas I watched! I planned the itinerary for almost a week. I did thorough research of every filming location such as how to get there and what scenes or episodes were filmed. I also took screenshots of the drama and went to find them. You can see the screenshots on the bottom right of the video.

I availed of tour packages but just for our Nami Island, Petite France, and Everland trips. For the rest, I took the subway or bus then walked to the destination spots. Since I went during winter season, it was really cold. The temperature was about -8 to 7 degree celsius only. When I went out to go to Seoul Station, my hair that was slightly wet turned into ice in just minutes. That’s how cold it was when we went! If you can’t handle cold weather but you still want to go during winter season, I suggest you join a tour or use cars/taxis in going around because walking outside during winter can be a torture to those who aren’t used to cold weather 🙂 Also, heat packs are available in convenience stores. I suggest you to bring gloves, beanies, ear muffs, and very thick jackets when going in winter.

I took a train and went to Busan for 4 days. After that, I went back to Seoul and stayed there for another 10 days. The vibes of Busan and Seoul are very different, each having their own charms. In Busan, the ambiance is more laid back and peaceful where you can really chill and relax. You can enjoy the nature and beaches. In Seoul, since it’s a city, the atmosphere is more lively. At night, I go shopping at Seoul Station or Myeongdong. Even though it was so cold, there were still a lot of people going shopping. Beauty stores are also everywhere and some of them even have 3-5 similar stores in an area. Overall, both cities are amazing and I recommend you all to try visit them and experience their wonderful cultures.

Also, I went to broadcasting stations like MBC, SBS, KBS, TVN, CJ Entertainment, YTN, and etc. Of course, I also went to entertainment agencies like SM, YG, JYP, Big Hit, Jellyfish, FNC, and etc. I also went to Cube Entertainment but they already transferred to another location so I just saw the old building. At the exit of the subway station, there are huge Gangnamdols of famous KPOP groups such as EXO, Girls Generation, Super Junior, Shinee, BTS, AOA, Block B, and etc.

I also went coffee shop hopping where I visited cafe filming locations and cafes owned by artists like Cafe 89 Mansion of Lee Jong-suk, Haru & One Day of Lee Dong-hae (Super Junior), and Mouse Rabbit of Yesung (Yesung). Lol I saw the staffs of the cafe whom Lee Jong-suk always posts on Instagram. In Donghae’s cafe, the cup holder varies per day. Since we went on a Saturday, the cup holder says “Haru & Saturday”.

I went to fangirl’s paradise, SM Coex Artium! On the second floor, it was full of official merchandises of various artists. Ever since, I wanted to have my own EXO Official Light Stick and finally, I was able to buy one! Thankfully, it was not sold out yet. I also went to SUM Market on the fourth floor. I bought a lot of different stuffs and hanged out at the SUM Cafe. There were so many fangirls seating with their cards laid out at the table. They were willing to trade official photocards to complete their collections. I was amazed by their dedication to sit there for hours to wait for someone who will trade with them. Inside, there were so many signature of different SM artists! They were everywhere even on the tables. On the fifth/sixth floors was the SM Theater. There were a lot of big posters of the artists! There were also 2 photobooks where you can take pictures with the artists you want. I spent almost 3 hours for shopping and taking pictures in SM Coex Artium. It was really a paradise for me as an avid fan of SM artists especially EXO. Now, there is a newly opened SM Museum! I can’t wait to check it out! ❤️

#WhenInSouthKorea2018 Coming Soon!

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