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New Guinea is the third biggest island on the planet, after Australia and Greenland. And there is a straight line that divides it between Papua New Guinea, a sovereign country, and Papua, an Indonesian region. Indonesian Papuans have no cultural ties or common history with the rest of the Indonesians. Besides, they feel mistreated by Jakarta. And this explains why there is such a strong separatist movement that tries to make West Papua an independent nation.
In the meantime, most of the Papuans live under different tribal systems: many of these tribes have never been contacted by Westerns or Indonesians. This means that many tribemen don’t even know which country do they belong to and they cannot even vote on the Indonesian elections.
So Why is Indonesia so keen on keeping their territory? What do the West Papuan nationalist want to achieve? Can they win this fight? In this video we will answer to all of these questions.

*Script written by Javier Angulo

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  1. I predict PNG will become part of Indonesia in the future, the Indonesian know how to control the papuans, will bullets.

  2. West Papua is better off under Indonesia…PNG is a shit, one of the most shitty dangerous misrun places in the world West Papua under Indo rule is much safer cleaner more orderly

  3. With all respect to another countries, especially western countries, you guys need to consider how big Indonesia is and how many population, islands, race, local languages within. Country as big as Indonesia would take time to developing. Despite our country is still young, 75 years old by 2020, we would become developed country in near future. Just dont interfering and make a mess of our development. Thank you. 🇮🇩

  4. Free papua & aceh… Indonesian army genoside papua and aceh people for their own nation benefit

  5. wow. slap yourself hard in the face. using clickbait headlines to support your shitty argument 😒 asshole!! 🖕🖕

  6. You guys don’t know the terror and suffering our brothers and sisters go through in Indonesia. i’ve seen hundred of videos of west papuans being mistreated and abused by the Indonesian military. This is a huge violation of human rights that is still going on today and the UN don’t even give a damn about it. We Papua New Guineans will fight for the freedom of our brothers and sisters on the other side of the border.#freewestpapua

  7. Btw dude. That story about cannibalsm in PNG is false. the couple made up the entire story and were fined for it.

  8. Just looking at the intro i already new this guy is full of shit. He probably still believes in the russia conspiracy

  9. No, almost all papuans know that their indonesian. And they love Jokowi (infact the only president/politician they love is only Jokowi, also because all my papuan friends love Jokowi and there are alot of places given papuans to commemorate Jokowi and also Jokowi Is the first president to spep foot in Papua). it’s also when during the election it was the highest clomplexity rate, that is 80% of the entire population and the government goes to the most remote places like only one family in a remote area.

    (i’m a chinese indonesian from papua and love observing politics)

  10. Papua is better off with Indonesia.
    Sure Indonesia uses their resources but in it turn it also provides them healthcare, education & in turn all the basics of civilization.

    There’s nothing wrong with being a tribal, but in our modern world if you don’t civilize you will be discriminated, treated as a second class citizen & be enslaved.

    I support Indonesia! 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  11. Honestly west papua is a safe city than PNG but media and its propaganda always ruining the world

  12. Its funny how white people describe papua, especially the aussies like they forgot what they did to the NATIVE people aborigin. They vanished the entire ras. So funny.

  13. Freedom at what cost?
    Do you believe they can manage their country resource by themself?
    Check the problem in west papua it’s not the gov’t making trouble it is that criminal who killing the population and distrub the development of that area

  14. 4:59 the ‘father of the nation’ dictator was SOEKARNO. Soeharto was the general who toppled Soekarno in a coup, then ruled (as a dictator, of course) for 32 years

  15. Wrong….the papuans do have history and connection with tidore and ternate kingdom long before the european comes, ternate and tidore kingdom wich is take a part for making a indonesian nation. this is one proof https://www.antiquemapsandprints.com/ternate-and-tidore-sultanatesempires-indonesia-east-indies-1885-old-map-267739-p.asp in the old maps why the dutch put ternate tag names in papua nugini in 1885 century. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA4cVLOq0os and this is proof that there is papuan in indonesian sumpah pemuda (the embryo of uniting a nation in nusantara to become indonesian). please do a research 1st before making statement. but i agree, about the election,and mistreated by politician at jakarta back that days.

  16. Man some of your facts are soo wrong and are coming from unreliable sources, you are painting the wrong picture

  17. This guy knows nothing about Indonesia. We never see them or call them as monkey. West Papua are given a lot and lots of money from Central Govt to build infrastructure but those money never turn into bridges, road or transportation because local govt seems to be playing and when confronted, the issue of separation soar up so the central govt had difficulty to build. Now the infrastructure is handled by central govt and you can starting to see the result.

    And about racism, the people of west papua rarely want to blend and respect local norm and custom in Java, the place where they study so sometimes clash happened but some people exaggerate and turn it to separation issue again. The people of Java rarely resort to open confrontation and asked to be patient so that foreign media will not able to turn the fact and push the separation agenda. But the issue seems to be happened over and over again and the people of Java kind of tired about it.

    So it never about racism. Both sides needs to respect each other.

  18. Indonesian occupation of W. Papua, is no different to the Dutch occupation of Indonesia. They oppress and murder the locals for gold and land.

  19. here is the thing, if racism continuously happen in Indonesia, it would be possible that papuans will gain their independence. then it will start affect others region in Indonesia that has melanesia’s roots. i recommend you to make content about “Republic of South Maluku”, i heard they still fight for independence abroad along with Benny Wenda.

  20. Independence would only benefit a handful of tribal chiefs.. at the same time indonesian control isn’t all that great

  21. Your a clown you don’t know anything about West Papua. West Papuans were forced to vote to be apart of Indonesians or else they were killed

  22. Who care about which point to choose? Act of free choice on 1969 is not fair at all, they have to add another points like join Netherland or stay as non-government teritory that have to be respected by all nations. Come on, dont blame only one side as the actor (past Indonesian politician). There are also the USA and European private companies that had big ambitious interest far before the independence of Indonesian.

    The conclusion, just give them a special free education from the basic to advantage with international standard so they can be able cut the current corrupt mental government system in the local stage and start the better public services for their people. In the era of Special Autonom given by the current democratic government of indonesia.

    Please, stop grouping human into a stupid community system so-called country created by western. Human are just human. Just respect and give them their human right back, right over land, right to speak, right to life, so on.

    Only because you create country/nation like USA, Australia, etc. It doesn’t mean all the island and community in earth have to follow you to create their country too.

    Lets get back to cosciousness as a human being.

  23. The way to go is to invest in people, create a generation of educated, entrepreneurial people, only then they can seriously compete with Indonesians. This way they can foster a national identity .

  24. I’m Indonesian… I think there are many misleading information which i want to make correction:
    1. at 06:12, usually calling them the monkeys?.. it’s false… It’s very very barely a case like that occurs… we don’t have racialism issues like in another countries
    2. I dont know Papua New Guinea, but as far as I know about Papua provinces of Indonesia, most of the papuan are accessable, though with walking (in some remote areas), but most of their regions, subregions (we call it Kabupaten/Distrik/Kampung) have been well-registered, so have their diversity of culture, languages, faiths. YOu can download from the internet the map of division of administration, map of languages, seven grouping of tribes in Papua, etc quite clearly because so many anthropological studies have been done. In post-New Order regime, some Papuan demanded to form many more new autonomous kabupatens like other Indonesian did.. That’s because since 1999, the government launched a policy of regional autonomy and since then many provincies and kabupatens have been formed accross the country. In recent years, access to remote areas has been improved as the government builds many more national highways..
    3. at 09. 29, there are no cultural links? It’s false… In the past, there were many islamic kingdoms in Maluku islands having territories as far as western pacific islands (including the present day PNG and many other pacific countries). If you’ve heard the newly tourism spot of Raja Ampat kabupaten, it’s literally “four islamic rulers” under sultanate of Tidore Maluku, an example of islamic influence in Papua… That’s why President Soekarno appointed the sultan of Tidore to be the first governor of Papua province.
    4. most of papuan can choose their local governor/bupati/representatives in each election. The system of NOKEN is not widespreadly adhered by Papuan, it’s the case of few kabupaten in highlands, not all kabupaten of Papua
    5. at 11:35, Jokowi won in 2019 election overwhelmingly in non-Muslim regions all over the nation, not only Papua, but also non muslim areas like Bali, East Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi, Batak kabupatens in sumatera, etc. It’s related to the rise of islamic populism supporting Jokowi rival that feared non-Muslim.

  25. They are not Indonesian is why!! Indonesia and there army of fucken midgets need to bugger off

  26. Why is he very racist about Papua and West Papua? He still need to study much more about Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. He need to go by him self and see the truth about Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

  27. Ohhh gara gara indonesia mau stop ekspor nikel. Uni eropa nyoba nyucuk nyucuk maslah internal indonesia. Ya biasa lah negara barat

  28. @visualpolitikEN is it true that Indonesia become dependent to China, and slowly removing US and europe conquer in its country?

  29. Simon you should really do some research. From the beginning of your video you put the news of PNG which is a totally different country. Have you ever talk to a native Papuan that actually live in Papua? There are hundreds of tribes in Papua. You cannot generalize them all. Most people actually live their daily life as notmal people. Only really few support independence hiding in the mountains and some of them already returned and joined the community. Do you know that by Papua autonomy law only native papuan can be the governor of papua? That most government officials of papuan is their own people? Do you know many papuans are policemen, soldiers, pilots even doctors? That there is no law discriminative to them they are as equal as other indonesian citizen. They even have more priviledge. Do you indonesian papuan soldiers serve in UN too? Don’t you suspicious that your resources about Papua all coming outside Papua? I am not trying to defend Indonesia but this is a typical western media bias. Do you know papuan province grp/capital is actually above average? Papua is not the same as East Timor. Indonesia never invade them. They are acknowledge by the U.N and before iindonesia independence part of tidore sultanate. Do you want them to end up like East Timor after 20 years of independence is now even poorer and their oil being stolen by Australia. Please do your research or at least read Quora.

  30. Can West Papua be independent? is definitely a pretty interesting video, for sure! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  31. Please do a video on the 98% of voters that voted for Bougainville independence and what will PNG will do next….

  32. Obviously looks like this channel never went to West Papua and PNG to get the facts or do a good research. They just got bits and pieces from the internet to talk about. Many of the things said are misleading.

  33. To be honest. Indonesia government less attention to a province mostly has Cristian and Catholic. Now they has attention cause they sand lot of muslim, build a lot mosque to that province. (Whisper: by jokowi and co president)

    Sorry my if my English not make sanse.

  34. Rip research. Have you do some research before you make this video about Papua???hell man, you don’t even know the historical about west Papua.

  35. A propaganda video from a white dude who can’t even distinguish African and Papuan. How about making a story about how CIA ‘s involvement in 1965 massacre in Indonesia .

  36. A lot of really crappy research in this video. Soeharto is not the first president of Indonesia, and the dancers at 12:23 aren’t papuans. DYou guys just used africans as footage because they’re allso dark-skinned? Racist much?

  37. Hahaha funny how indonesians brag about their poverty rate is only 10% knowing this data is not international standard..as what the guy said its 26% poverty rate so probably in an international standard..

  38. Unfortunately Papuans cannot govern themselves, just look at Port Moresby , it is a crime ridden violent shithole, Irian Jaya is much better, much safer, much more progressive, I hope the whole island falls under Indonesian control. The Indo army does not fuck around, Also the Free West Papua movement make excellent training targets for the Kopassus.

  39. not Indonesian but pretentious to know… West Papua and Papua never want to separate from Indonesia, it is only a piece of an evil group that wants to divide Indonesia

  40. If they do that…Australia will eat them alive… Just like they did to East timor and PNG…
    And also… I dont get the point here sometime he talked about west papua then PNG about canibalism…

  41. You just read the shit news from shit media and you gonna be shit guy who provoke the world

  42. West Papua listed on the list of Non Self Governing Territories by United Nations Resolution 448 on December 12th, 1950 under control of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

    Netherlands have to preparing independent according to the United Nations Charter Article 73e but the Mining in West Papua made it failed to process Decolonization because Indonesia and United States of America interested in that Mining so they killed United Nations Secretary General Daag Hamarsjold in Congo on September 18th, 1961.

  43. I’ve been subscribe in this channel for a while.. I think this channel just focus on benefits of USA politics. Yeah.. Good luck with that in this era 😂

    By the way.. The private company in gold mine is a USA company.. & Jokowi nationalize it! In your face! 😎

  44. Irian (Papua) will always be part Indonesia, also we are trying our best to make the people get out from a “stone age” by providing a lot of facility such as schools, roads, hospitals etc. So that they know that we dont think of them like a colony, we want them to feel that Indonesia is there home, their motherland.

  45. I’m from PNG and you really make it seem like we are all a bunch of animals in this vid.

  46. considering Papua New Guinea case, there is no arguing that staying within Indonesia is the best option for the bettermen of Papuans🙏🏼

    Just like Amobenese, East Nusa Tenggara, Halmahera whoa are also native Melanesian

  47. Why does Biafra want to seperate from Nigeria. Can you do a video on it Simon. I am waiting brother.

  48. This guy knows nothing about Papua. He doesnt know that Freeport has thrown 200 K ton of gold tailing since 1990 to the only one drinking resource for local people in Papua to date. He also doesn’t know that CEO of Freeport, Mosfett paid USD 35 million to Jendral Prabowo to kill local people.

  49. This was clearly a tough one for you. I guess I can understand the problem in the sense that this part of the world is generally very poorly covered by the press and you don’t have the resources to do an independent report. However, that is no excuse for dropping in the random visuals that have nothing to do with the subject. It instantly degrades what you say which I’m sure you don’t want to do: random forest, random black people (I think you need to apologise for that one), random island scene, random people dancing around a fire. Of course the facts need a little work but I won’t even go there for this comment.

  50. Freedom for our west papua brother and sister.indonesia leave them alone give back the freedom that you guys took back in 1969! Independence Papua new guinea 🇵🇬 They are Melanesian not indons Love,they don’t like to be part of your country.Stop the killings of papuans of the indonesian government.no wonder timor leste sparate bec. Indonesian like kill peoples in west papuans…

  51. This what most Indonesia perceived, There is separatist lead by Benny Wanda, with the help of NGO activists, that organizes the riot in Yogyakarta on Java island, they set the scenario, to trigger riot between activists(which I believes are the same group as the NGO which pro referendum) against the Papua students, who gets scholarships from Indonesia govt to learn in Yogyakarta. and during the clash, some of the activists called the students Monkey, and they frame it, spread it in social media. yes, it did look staged. Of course during previous regimes, the govt has least attention to the region, except their mining which US based company who profited the most from its mining. yes it was terrible for them, but since Joko Widodo, things has changed, he tried to pump money to Papua, even govt sells gas/patrol in huge loss, it is for the sake of equality and development in the region, he visited regularly (which never happen in previous regime), and intend to set presidential office there. I don’t see under Benny Wanda, Papua will prosper, since he also use the old dictator/military approach using guns, to do riot in Papua, burns infrastructure, houses,yes it old school book. yes a lot of hands plays in the region, not only those 2 parties, one will notice.

  52. here is the clue kaisiepo, nicolas jouwe
    why they fight indonesian army, where do they get the weapons
    search it ull find something interesting.

  53. Papua New Guinea, independent 44 years. Country in a shambles. Governments past/present lying, cheating, corrupt, stealing, full of empty promises. Their citizens are fed up/given up. Country full of mining, logging, palm oil, commercial fishing, billions in revenue paid to government disappearing to where?? The politicians are the theives. Ones in power are millionaires/ overseas secret bank accounts/investment portfolios/properties, business. They take overseas holidays, send their children overseas, private education, schools/universities. Politicians travel overseas for medical treatments because they dont trust their poorly run medical centers. Majority are poorly educated, poor health/welfare systems, hopeless law/order, high poverty, huge crime problems. Poor job training/gaining employment/high unemployment. Cannot walk the streets between sunset/sun rise. The wealthy & expats residence have high security fences/guards/dogs. Police are useless, crimminal gangs everywhere. Every/any opportunity PNG citizen’s get, they leave, do so for good. I’m one of them. West Papua better off with Indonesia. I’ve seen West Papua infrastructure/development, progress etc… much better than PNG. Resources rich PNG is a basket case, relying heavily on hand outs from foreign countries in the way of donations, educational aid, food,medical to name a few like poor beggars. This lays squarely on the shoulders of past/present governments. Shameful state of affairs. 👍🏿 🇦🇺

  54. More than 500,000 Papuan people been killed by in-dog-nesian troops.killing is still going on .why the world is still remain silent? what’s wrong with the UN?

  55. you’ve mistaken one point, there was Tidore sultanate wich part of Indonesia and Raja Ampat is one of tidore teritory wich located in Papua
    so yeah.. they have historical link

  56. I live in West papua now people here happy because infrastructure of government because jokowi,well don’t make fake news again

  57. Papua is getting out of poverty, yes. Can Papua be independent from Indonesia? Why would they? No. Papua is now having the largest growth of economy among all Oceanic region.

  58. don’t disturb and fight our sheep
    We are one nation🇮🇩🇮🇩
    Stop opinion for west Papua independent
    Bhineka tunggal ika

  59. The papuan only have two option

    a. War againts Indonesia
    b. War againts another papuan tribe

  60. Wow this is very sensitive topic. Polynesian wants to find perfect place for their drowning house

  61. It is true that Western Papua is the most underdeveloped region in Indonesia, but at the same time .. Western Papua is the most advanced region comparing to the Pacific countries in the economic and human development index. I hope that foreigners will acknowledge the progress of Papua in the era of Indonesian democracy, today you can see Papuan working on other islands in Indonesia, becoming the regional head, police chief and army.

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