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  1. I dont want to be stereotypical but.. you are in China and these products are made for like 5 cents

  2. Why don’t you provide any useful information such as the Name & Address of the Hotel? A link to their website. Pretty much useless without this basic information.

  3. “When at a 9 dollar capsule hotel you game” wait a minute did you say 9 dollar????

  4. Love your positive energy ☆ really cool capsel hotel. Greetings from Norway. Im an new subscriber.

  5. Its nine dollars because you get trapped from your farts..

    Edit: I had to change a word from hey to get bc of auto correct.

  6. They have live fish because when you buy it it’s already gonna die because it need water so you can have it for dinner and food by chopping them

  7. the trick is they made it 9 bucks and made it cool so you were gonna stay a lot longer and they get more money i dont think this is right but its just a guess

  8. 9$ may be cheap for americans but for the chinese its a decent amount, inflation people

  9. Is it just me who’s disappointed that we didn’t get to see him eat the egg rolls??

  10. I would not stick the usb cabel to that thing since china would suck all your data from the phone XD

  11. Wondering who’s color blind me or him whenever he says everything is purple and all I see is a neon blue….

  12. I went there once and I just went into gamer mode and played fortnite and killed 36 people jk I never bin there XD

  13. i was thinking do you have to be quite in a capsule knowing people are rigth next to to

  14. I think that the reason for it being 9 dollars is because of how good the hotel is. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO LEAVE

  15. Me and my introvert brain is screaming. I wanna live there. Cheap, and it’s a small place. That you can lock yourself in and no one can bother you and you can read all day. Or most. I do plan on working when I get a job. But maybe I’d work there. But idk if I can stay in one of those things for a LONG time like that. Which suck but hey, that’s life

  16. This amoujt if value and coolness in a cheap jotel is because certain Asian countries are not capitalistic money grabber jerks. They are economically developping countries, yet they aim to show their hospitability and kindness to tourists as much as citizens

  17. Bro that hotel is a real vibe, that capsule hella nice, you could just wake up, and walk up to the gaming area and play some league or something

  18. Chinese Walmart’s – *multiple floors and live fish to choose from, so huge that you could make a day out of going to one. People are polite and happy*

    American Walmart’s – *tweakers who stand in the middle of an aisle with a weird expression pretty much mandatory. One floor, and you can most of the time clearly see the back of the building*

  19. “a door that actually closes and locks”

    *every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes*

  20. Which site does he use to book his capsule hotels with? I couldn’t find any good ones with prices like this 🙁

  21. Everyone in 2019: *This is awesome!*
    Everyone in 2020: *This is Coronavirus time!*

  22. Great videos I have seen many of your videos and gain such a great experience! I’m newly try to share my travel experience on YouTube, I subscribe your YouTube channel also as well I hope you too. Thank you, wish you all the best

  23. We have those gaming zone at the philippines. But the problem is, that it’s not in a capsule hotel and it’s not free. It’s like renting a computer.

  24. *keyboard has RGB lighting*

  25. without you mentioning walmart, and going in it for like 1:30 the video wouldnt be 10minutes long, seems fishy it was just randomly added in…

  26. I love that these hotels are so cheap. I would just hop around to different ones for like a week or so while I explored!

  27. The part we are all here for I guess 🤣🤣😂🤣😂 2:46 thank me later I guess …… Stay safe guys peace

  28. its covid – 19, China started covid, so many people must’ve used the same capsule you are in. LIKE DUDE GO HOME AND ISOLATE UR SELF FOR 14 DAYS PLEASE!

  29. “the keyboard and the mouse light up!” where have you been in 10 years 😆. PS I’m being harsh, Love your channel.

  30. I got confused when you said it is only 25 degrees in Beijing (I am from Germany, and 25 degrees in the metric system is alredy very hot)

  31. just a month ago before u did this video i somehow stayed at a capsule hotel in Mumbai(India ) That looked a lot like the one on this video !!

  32. @ 0:12 kill this love by blackpink was playing in the background
    Edit: oh wait nvm it’s playing at 10:27 too

  33. Bobby: if I was a kid here I’d be in trouble
    1 sec later
    The little girl says hello to the camera


  35. You better not get the corona

    “Any one wanna join me go China?”
    Family members”no thx”
    Wuhan”can I join I want my family of corona to enjoy the day of rest”
    Straight away get the corona

  36. You got gassed about light up keyboard and mouses. 😂 they’re more common than non rgb keyboard and mouses

  37. Sooooo I am assuming use nature as your toilet ???😳u just find a decent bush with wide leaves 🤔😂

  38. Living Bobby do you believe in the Corona virus I just wanna make sure please be okay please be okay I really hope you do and make sure to stay home wash your hands and wear a mask in stores and other public places I hope you are doing great during this year it has been something but I really hope you are okay 😅

  39. My Midwestern U.S. Peeps are FREAKING OUT rn!

    Better not see a Chinese Caseys or they’ll look their minds…..😂😂

  40. my god why is it so cheap it looks comfortable enough!
    (the only thing is I would be scared the door might malfunction and I woudnt be able to get out lol)

  41. Dude, why the heck you took those slippers to your bed? Haha. I’ve never been to Shenzhen. Definitely will go see the city some day. Cheers

  42. him: only 12$ a night
    me: 10$a night when I go camping and I can’t go on the playground

  43. When he’s on the pc room you can see that Asian idk what he is that is fully close to the monitor😂😂😂

  44. Imagina que eres muy inteligente: primero te duchas descalzo, coges hongos, y después encuentras las chancletas para ducharte que te han dado en recepción ….. el mayor ingenio humano.

  45. to all the filipinos who knows kitchie nadal…check her out at 2:44 as a cashier lolzzz..

  46. Fun fact, from my own experience, when I went back to China for a bit, usually, anyone you meet younger then you, they respect/greet you and to some extent, in Chinese I met a little child and he called me “brother” because the word brother and something like “older person” is somewhat the same.

  47. i have one thing i can confirm in this video, that the U.S Walmart has nothing against ours

  48. The song in the restaurant is making my kpop-fangirl out since it was playing Kill This Love by Blackpink

  49. When i win the jackpot i will build these all around the states. It will all have my names rotating on top. The extremely poor i will let stay free. Jesus glory help us all.

  50. Let me tell ya somethin ima be a mega homie k the song at 4:15 is made by LAKEY INSPIRED and its called (the process)your welcome

  51. I would honestly just go to china for a month or so and just stay in one of these the entire time. cheap and comfy along with good amenities…… cant beat that

  52. @2:05… *”step” up your game.. lol u mighta still been drunk from the plane ride tryna figure out the right words

  53. You r hilarious… Love to see your vlogs… Lots of Love from Pakistan… Wish to see you here soon ❤️🇵🇰

  54. i’m so jealooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  55. You could just live here for your life it’s cheaper than paying rents and bills for your house!

  56. So 9 dollars a night in a year that would be 3096 dollars a year thats 3 months of rent here :_:

  57. You can put a sleeping tablet in someone’s drink, carry them in capsule hotel and say “you worked up in 2073 43 years later.

  58. If Walmart would wise up…they might sale membership to a Walmart this Size .. as a Walking Track…

  59. Heyyy im not sure if your going to see this but the lady that was saying top floor or bottom at the end she called you an idiot 😂😂😂😂😂

  60. What kinda shady business is going on that they can afford all that custom work and only charge $9?

  61. What is the best food that you have tied in japan (i know you are in china and probably not going to read this)


  63. Omg so cheap! I just have to spend a ton of money to fly across the world to China to get there! 😀

  64. 2:04 pause here and look at all the food you got dog meat cat meat you got.


  65. They said it was chicken feet.. but it was chicken feet with bat meat inside.

  66. Yo wtf they got a gaming area of damnnnnnnnnn if I was there I would be there all day

  67. Literally nobody- Hell NOOO ❌❌ !!!!!!! I am panicking already for him lol

  68. You are moving too fast …this is like a roller coaster…and I do not need to see your face so much. I was interested in the subject but this was hard to watch. Had to stop..ugh!

  69. All of his videos
    Worlds best __________ in the world! (Something lower than $50/night)

  70. That means world’s best capsule hotel has corona so nope… world’s worst capsule hotel

  71. 3:34 “25 degrees in Beijing and it’s like 75 degrees here”. Lol, that makes people in shenzhen extinct

  72. Walmart in China: the future of society
    Walmart in America: cousins getting married to each other while on top of a horse

  73. I’m just curious, are the like rooms with the capsules inside them separated by genders? Like one room with all the capsules for the women, and one for all the men.

  74. Just imagine stuck in the capsule for the whole 3 or 4 months and you are lucky you didn’t eat the bats

  75. 1:52 I’ve seen that kid for 1 second but if anybody hurts it I will start a war on them-

  76. This would be the perfect place to stay if you don’t want to get corona but be careful stay in the capsule till they discover a vaccine the moment you get CORONA

  77. then the lady in the front office says

    oh sorry did we say $9, sorry we ment $999.99

    him 0_0 wait wait……………. WHAT